Solid Waste Emissions Estimation Tool (SWEET) Version 4.0.5


Sector:Biogas, Municipal Solid Waste
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The Solid Waste Emissions Estimation Tool (SWEET) is an Excel-based tool that quantifies emissions of methane, black carbon, and other pollutants from sources in the municipal solid waste sector. The tool provides emissions and emissions reduction estimates at the project-, source-, and municipality-level. Cities can use this information for multiple purposes, including establishing a baseline scenario, comparing a baseline scenario to as many as four alternative scenarios, analyzing specific projects for potential emissions reductions, estimating the contribution of activities in the waste sector to overall city emissions reduction goals, and tracking progress over time, among other things.

SWEET was developed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency under the auspices of the Global Methane Initiative and in support of the Climate and Clean Air Coalition.


"SWEET can be considered a policy planning tool that requires less data input than the usual life cycle assessment-based tools."
World Health Organization

"If a city has overall emissions reductions goals, SWEET helps them better understand how investments in waste management in particular will contribute to those goals, which helps cities prioritize interventions and make financing decisions."
Climate and Clear Air Coalition Secretariat

"SWEET is, overall, an easy to use tool to estimate LFG emission of a waste management system. [...] In particular, it would be beneficial for municipalities in low and middle-income countries that want to communicate positive climate effects and have compelling arguments ready for relevant stakeholders before making the first steps of improving their waste management practices."
International Solid Waste Association



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