Methane Emissions Data

Use the tool below to explore methane emissions measurements and projections throughout the world. Visualizations reflect the industry sectors supported by GMI: biogas, coal mines, and oil & gas.

These data were extracted from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA) report, Global Non-CO2 Greenhouse Gas Emission Projections & Mitigation Potential: 2015-2050. Additional data are available from the U.S EPA’s Non-CO2 Greenhouse Gas Data Tool.

Global Methane Emissions and Projections

All values are presented in million metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent (MMTCO2e).

About the Data

The data represent projected global emissions of methane through 2050 for industry sectors. The source data are organized into eight fields, as shown below. The table below shows which fields were processed to align the source data to the industry sectors supported by GMI (Biogas, Coal Mines, and Oil & Gas).

Field Values Processing for GMI
Country 195 countries Flagged GMI Partner Countries
Sector See mapping below --
Source See mapping below Mapped to GMI Sector
Subsource See mapping below Mapped to GMI Category

CH4, HFCs, N2O, NF3, PFCs, SF6 Only CH4 included

Numeric (1990 – 2050) --
Unit MMTCO2e --
Value Numeric --

Mapping of Sectors and Categories

The table below shows how the U.S. EPA's Sector, Source, and Subsource fields were mapped to GMI sectors and categories.

U.S. EPA Report Source GMI
Sector Source Subsource GMI Sector Category
Agriculture Livestock Manure Biogas Manure Management
Waste Landfills MSW Biogas Municipal Solid Waste
Waste Wastewater Rural Biogas Wastewater
Waste Wastewater Urban Biogas Wastewater
Energy Coal Surface Coal Mines Surface
Energy Coal Under Coal Mines Underground
Energy NGO Gas Product Oil & Gas Oil & Gas
Energy NGO Gas TSD Oil & Gas Oil & Gas
Energy NGO Oil Product Oil & Gas Oil & Gas
Energy NGO Oil Refining Oil & Gas Oil & Gas
Agriculture Livestock Enteric Other (non-GMI) Agriculture: Livestock, Enteric
Agriculture OtherAg Other (non-GMI) Agriculture: Other
Agriculture Rice Other (non-GMI) Agriculture: Rice
Energy Combustion Biomass Other (non-GMI) Energy: Combustion, Biomass
Energy Combustion StatMob Other (non-GMI) Energy: Combustion, StatMob
Energy OtherEnergy Other (non-GMI) Energy: Other
Industrial Processes OtherIPPU Other (non-GMI) Industrial Processes and Product Use
Waste Landfills Industrial Other (non-GMI) Waste: Landfills, Industrial
Waste OtherWaste Other (non-GMI) Waste: Other

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