Join GMI

Partner Countries and Project Network members work collaboratively to facilitate methane abatement, recovery, and use projects internationally. The Global Methane Initiative (GMI) encourages interested parties to join.

Become a Partner Country

National governments can become Partners by following the steps below agreed to by the Steering Committee. Interested governments may request to join the Global Methane Initiative at any time.

Join the Project Network

Other organizations including development banks, private-sector entities, and other governmental and non-governmental organizations can participate in GMI by joining the Project Network.

Submit a Letter of Interest

To join, the lead ministry or agency should submit an e-mail of interest to the Secretariat. At a minimum, the letter should include the following information:

  • Primary contact's name, e-mail, and telephone number.
  • Reason for interest and the subcommittee(s) on which you plan to participate.
  • A short description of the opportunities for methane projects and/or the type of expertise that your country can contribute.

Countries may use this suggested letter format to assist in drafting their letter to the Secretariat. The Secretariat will circulate this letter to the members of the Initiative's Steering Committee for review. If no objections are received within 30 days, the application is automatically accepted. If there are objections, these will be resolved at the next scheduled meeting of the Steering Committee.

Formalize Membership

Upon completion of Steering Committee approval, new Partners formalize their membership by signing and returning the Terms of Reference. The new Partner will then appoint representatives to technical subcommittees. Partners may appoint up to three representatives to subcommittees for which they have expertise or an interest in pursuing projects. The new Partner will also identify an "Administrative Liaison" to act as the central contact point for all Global Methane Initiative issues.

If a country has requested to join the Steering Committee, the Steering Committee will make a decision on this request at its next scheduled meeting.

More Information

For more information about joining the GMI, please contact the Secretariat.