Overview of Accomplishments

The Global Methane Initiative (GMI) is an international public-private partnership focused on reducing barriers to the recovery and use of methane as a clean energy source.

GMI’s 47 Partner Countries and more than 700 Project Network members exchange information and technical resources to advance methane mitigation in three key sectors: Oil & Gas, Biogas, and Coal Mines.

GMI aims to:

  • Achieve economic, environmental, and public health benefits of methane emission reductions
  • Advance the capture and beneficial use of all methane emissions globally

Accomplishments Video

GMI have developed a promotional video that covers some of the accomplishments over the past 20 years.

Emission Reductions

Data are compiled from GMI’s database of project activities. These data represent the best available yet conservative estimates of emission reductions, including actual emission reductions from projects supported by GMI and potential emission reductions from other projects identified through GMI activities. Carbon dioxide equivalents (CO2e) are based on methane having a global warming potential 28 times greater than carbon dioxide over a 100-year period.




emission reductions achieved through GMI projects through 2022

Methane Mitigation Activities

GMI provides technical and outreach support for a variety of methane mitigation activities around the world. These activities include technical assessments of emission reduction opportunities, information sharing and capacity building on methane emissions management, and GMI partnership-related activities such as in-person and virtual meetings and workshops.

Through GMI since 2004,
countries hosted activities where more than

people received approximately

hours of training about reducing methane emissions and capturing methane for productive uses.

Locations of GMI Activities by Country Since 2004

Types of Methane Mitigation Activities

The table below presents a breakdown of the types of activities supported by GMI since 2004, grouped into three categories.

Identifying opportunities for emissions reductions

1,648 Measurement studies/ Prefeasibility studies
167 Publications/reports
57 Study tours/tools/models
23 Demonstration projects
19 Policy analyses
1,914 Total since 2004

Capacity Building/ Information Sharing
Fostering best practices

304 Workshops and trainings
114 Websites and other outreach efforts
418 Total since 2004

Partnership Activities
Building relationships
to foster action

292 Site visits
281 Conferences
433 Webinars, Informational Meetings, and Presentations
150 Steering Committee and Subcommittee meetings
1,156 Total since 2004

Potential Emission Reductions Identified

Since 2004, GMI has identified additional opportunities to reduce almost



of emissions, beyond the methane reductions achieved to date

Global Methane Initiative (GMI)
Leading methane action since 2004