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GMI invites you to recommend a new resource to be included in our library. Use the form below to submit a recommendation for resources that address issues applicable to GMI, such as:

  • Reports, publications, presentations, and videos about methane mitigation strategies or policies
  • Country- or region-specific accomplishments related to methane mitigation
  • Methane mitigation studies and data
  • Tools that can be used to advance methane projects, including assessments, calculators, models, case studies, and best practice guidance
  • Training resources such as classroom materials, online courses, or tutorials
  • Resources in multiple languages

Recommendations will be reviewed by the GMI Secretariat. If your recommendation is accepted, the Secretariat will follow up to obtain additional details.

Thank you for your recommendations.

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Recommend a Resource

Provide a web link for the resource, if available. If not available online, the Secretariat will coordinate with you to obtain any approved resources.

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