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The Global Methane Initiative (GMI) is an international public-private partnership focused on reducing barriers to the recovery and use of methane as a valuable energy source. GMI provides technical support to deploy methane-to-energy projects around the world that enable Partner Countries to launch methane recovery and use projects. Through these efforts, GMI is:

  Decreasing greenhouse gas emissions
  Improving air and water quality
  Improving human health
  Enhancing energy security
  Increasing worker safety
  Expanding economic growth

GMI advances methane mitigation in three key sectors: Oil and Gas, Biogas, and Coal Mines.

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Global Methane Pledge

The Global Methane Pledge aims to catalyze global action and strengthen support for existing international methane emission reduction initiatives to advance technical and policy work that will serve to underpin Participants’ domestic actions. The Pledge also recognizes the essential roles that private sector, development banks, financial institutions and philanthropy play to support implementation of the Pledge and welcomes their efforts and engagement.
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Pledges and Supporters

Participants joining the Pledge agree to take voluntary actions to contribute to a collective effort to reduce global methane emissions at least 30 percent from 2020 levels by 2030, which could eliminate over 0.2˚C warming by 2050. This is a global, not a national reduction target.
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The Global Methane Challenge is an international campaign to catalyze ambitious action around the world to reduce methane emissions and highlight policies and technologies being used to recover and use methane. The Global Methane Challenge is open to all public- and private-sector organizations interested in showcasing their actions to address methane emissions.

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This video features an overview of the Challenge and highlights several stories. A full list of Challenge participants is presented at the end of the video.

Oil & Gas Sector

Methane emissions from oil and natural gas systems result from both normal operations and system disruptions. These emissions can be cost-effectively reduced by upgrading technologies or equipment, and by improving operations.

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Oil & Gas Subcommittee Statement of Purpose

Biogas Sector

Biogas produced from the anaerobic digestion of organic material can be treated to create pipeline-quality natural gas, used directly as a cooking fuel, used to generate electricity, and captured on-site to provide heat and power.

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Biogas Subcommittee Statement of Purpose
Biogas Subcommittee Statement of Purpose

Coal Mines Sector

Removing fugitive methane gas from underground coal mines and using it in profitable and practical ways can improve worker safety, enhance mine productivity, increase revenues, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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Coal Mines Statement of Purpose
Coal Mines Subcommittee Statement of Purpose