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Tell us how you’re reducing methane emissions

Global Methane Forum 2018


16–18 April 2018

Location: Toronto, Canada

Organizer: Global Methane Initiative, the Climate & Clean Air Coalition (CCAC), and the Government of Canada

Visit the event website for more information:

Event Details:

Join your fellow methane experts and policy-makers from around the world to discuss options for methane reduction and abatement activities. Organized by the Global Methane Initiative, the Climate & Clean Air Coalition (CCAC), and the Government of Canada, the Forum will be held back-to-back with a CCAC Working Group Governance meeting, which will take place at the same venue on April 19-20.

This unique opportunity will grant access to:
  • High-level plenary sessions on cross-cutting issues such as project financing.
  • Technical sessions on biogas (agricultural sources, municipal solid waste, municipal wastewater systems), coal mines, and oil and natural gas systems.
  • Joint GMI Subcommittee – CCAC Initiative level discussions on policy and projects.
  • Site visits in the Toronto area highlighting innovative technology.
  • Opportunities for networking with methane experts in the public and private sectors from around the world.
Visit the website for details about the agenda, speakers, venue and hotel accommodations, and presentations.

Industry Sector: Biogas, Coal Mines, Oil and Gas, Steering, Agriculture, Municipal Solid Waste, Wastewater

Event Resources

Methane Mitigation Matters: Climate Change
(Video, NA, 1p)


Biogas Subcommittee: 2016-2017 Update and Plans for 2018-2019, Chris Voell
(PDF, 186 KB, 3pp)
Challenge for Methane Action: Steering Committee Meeting, Monica Shimamura, Administrative Support Group
(PDF, 152 KB, 15pp)
Coal Subcommittee Update to the GMI Steering Committee: 2016-2017 Update; Plans for 2018-2019, Huang Shengchu (China), Shekar Saran (India), Felicia Ruiz (USA)
(PDF, 122 KB, 3pp)
Global Methane Initiative Steering Committee Meeting New Partners
(PDF, 266 KB, 2pp)
Global Methane Initiative Steering Committee Meeting Update on United States Activities in Support of GMI
(PDF, 501 KB, 4pp)
Global Methane Initiative Steering Committee Meeting, Administrative Support Group Update, Monica Shimamura, Administrative Support Group
(PDF, 268 KB, 3pp)
GMI Global Methane Forum Communique April 2018, Monica Shimamura, Administrative Support Group
(PDF, 119 KB, 4pp)
Oil and Gas Subcommittee: 2016-2017 Update and Plans for 2018-2019, James Diamond & Paulina Serrano
(PDF, 67.3 KB, 3pp)


Abandoned Mine Methane (AMM): Maximizing Gas Production, Michael Coté, Ruby Canyon Engineering
(PDF, 1.64 MB, 20pp)
Addressing Technical and Financial Barriers to Methane Recovery Projects in the Wastewater Sector, Monica Shimamura, Administrative Support Group
(PDF, 771 KB, 5pp)
Agriculture Digesters and Biogas: Driving Green Jobs in India, Kolluru Krishan, Skills Council for Green Jobs
(PDF, 3.53 MB, 47pp)
Assessing Financial “Readiness” for Municipalities, Nadia Scharen-Givel, Abt Associates
(PDF, 993 KB, 18pp)
Characterization and Management of Food Loss and Waste in North America, David Donaldson, Commission for Environmental Cooperation
(PDF, 3.77 MB, 24pp)
CMM/CBM Development in Mongolia, Dr. Badarch Mendbayar, Mongolia Nature and Environment Consortium
(PDF, 1.18 MB, 17pp)
Co-generation Utilizing Biogas from Sludge Treatment, Michael Theodoulou, Suez Water Treatment Solutions North America
(PDF, 1.19 MB, 16pp)
Current and Potential Policy Impetus for CMM Recovery and Use Projects, Ms. Lisa DeMarco, DeMarco Allen, LLP
(PDF, 168 KB, 8pp)
Enabling Policy Framework and the Role of Best Practices, Dr. David Creedy, Sindicatum Sustainable Resources
(PDF, 468 KB, 10pp)
Enteric Methane and SDG's, Dr. Victoria Hatton, Senior Policy Analyst, International Environment & Policy, New Zealand Ministry for Primary Industries and Co-Chair to the CCAC Agriculture Initiative
(PDF, 689 KB, 6pp)
Financing SLCP Mitigation Projects in the Waste Sector, Ricardo Cepeda-Márquez, Director, Solid Waste Initiative, C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group
(PDF, 819 KB, 7pp)
Global Project Scale and Emissions, Dr. Meredydd Evans, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
(PDF, 372 KB, 10pp)
Innovative financial tool for compressor station retrofits, Mark Savage, John Crane Group and Ms. Lisa Ceglia, Smiths Group
(PDF, 329 KB, 16pp)
Joint GMI/UNECE Best Management Practices Presentation – Upstream oil and gas, and downstream gas project, Michal Drabik, UNECE
(PDF, 255 KB, 8pp)
Key Lessons Learned in Reducing Methane from Oil and Gas, Jonathan Banks, Clean Air Task Force
(PDF, 894 KB, 14pp)
Keynote: IEA World Energy Outlook: Oil and Gas Methane Emissions and the Costs and Benefits of Mitigation, Christophe McGlade, International Energy Agency
(PDF, 491 KB, 9pp)
Keynote: Making The Match – Why Successful Climate Policy & Next Generation Innovation Depends On Current Technology, Jackson Hegland, Methane Emissions Leadership Alliance
(PDF, 1.79 MB, 18pp)
Methane and the Sustainable Development Goals, Ricardo Cepeda-Márquez, Director, Solid Waste Initiative, C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group
(PDF, 1.35 MB, 12pp)
Methane in the context of Paris Agreement implementation, progress and challenges, Dr. Rodolfo Lacy, Undersecretary SEMARNAT, Mexico
(PDF, 18.6 MB, 30pp)
Methane Management in Extractive Industries (Upstream Oil and Gas / Downstream Gas) - Joint UNECE/GMI Project, Torleif Haugland, Carbon Limits
(PDF, 203 KB, 5pp)
Methane policy update: Baseline and outlook for G20 countries, Steven Knell, PhD., IHS Energy
(PDF, 371 KB, 13pp)
National and Sub-National Policies to Reduce Wasted Gas, Jonathan Banks, Clean Air Task Force
(PDF, 377 KB, 9pp)
National Context in Mexico: Opportunities and Barriers, Adalberto Noyola, National Autonomous University of Mexico
(PDF, 12.8 MB, 16pp)
OCWA/Stratford/GE: Energy Recovery and GHG Reduction Initiative, Indra Maharjan, Ontario Clean Water Agency
(PDF, 1.15 MB, 10pp)
Oil and Gas Case Study: Pilot projects on continuous emissions monitoring, Dean Jenkins, Encana Services Company Ltd.
(PDF, 672 KB, 4pp)
Oil and Gas Climate Initiative (OGCI), Ms. Rosanna Fusco, ENI
(PDF, 0.97 MB, 14pp)
One solution to rule them all: detecting every methane emitter on Earth, daily, by using high resolution methane tracking micro-satellites & AI, Richard Lachance, CTO, Bluefield Technologies
(PDF, 7.23 MB, 32pp)
Overview of Barriers to Financing SLCP Mitigation in the Waste Sector, Tom Frankiewicz, USEPA, CCAC MSWI Co-Chair
(PDF, 754 KB, 10pp)
Overview of Fugitive Emissions Management, Torleif Haugland, Carbon Limits
(PDF, 463 KB, 8pp)
Public Private Partnerships for Implementing Organic Waste Treatment Projects - Experience in Viña del Mar, Chile, Pablo Lopez Legarreta, Center for Clean Air Policy
(PDF, 599 KB, 13pp)
Quantifying Global Methane Emissions, Drew Nelson, Environmental Defense Fund (EDF)
(PDF, 776 KB, 9pp)
RNG as a Transformative Force in the Ag Sector, Jennifer Green, Executive Director, Canadian Biogas Association
(PDF, 1.31 MB, 21pp)
SENTRY Case Study: BHGE Digital Methane Monitoring, Baker Hughes
(PDF, 1.17 MB, 4pp)
Status and Potential of Abandoned Mine Methane (AMM) Project Development in China, Liu Wenge, China Coal Information Institute
(PDF, 2.74 MB, 33pp)
Tackling the Methane Challenge, Innovation in Financing Distributed Methane Reductions in the Oil & Gas Sector, Yvan Champagne, Bluesource Canada
(PDF, 2.25 MB, 18pp)
The ‘biogasdoneright’ concept, Bruce Dale, PhD, Michigan State University
(PDF, 4.65 MB, 26pp)
The Power of Organic Waste: Renewable Natural Gas, U.S. Perspectives on a Global Opportunity, Matt Tomich, President, Energy Vision
(PDF, 1.10 MB, 20pp)
Vehicle-based methane mapping - find gas leaks, prioritize repair, Dr. Joe von Fischer, Colorado State University/Google Methane Project
(PDF, 986 KB, 10pp)
World Energy Outlook, Christophe McGlade, International Energy Agency
(PDF, 494 KB, 6pp)
Zooshare, an investment with pootential. Building North America's 1st zoo-biogas plant, Daniel Bida, Executive Director, ZooShare
(PDF, 1.38 MB, 11pp)


Accounting and Spaceborne methodologies for closing the global methane budget, Dr. Benjamin Poulter, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
(PDF, 2.82 MB, 20pp)
Argentina Update to the Global Methane Initiative (GMI) Oil & Gas (O&G) Subcommittee
(PDF, 1.24 MB, 14pp)
CCAC Bonn Communique, Chris Voell
(PDF, 369 KB, 3pp)
Charges to Subcommittee
(PDF, 191 KB, 1p)
Climate finance to unlock methane projects - A World Bank perspective, Juha Seppälä, Carbon Finance Specialist, World Bank
(PDF, 2.26 MB)
Comparison of reported Provincial-level emissions of methane in Alberta and Saskatchewan with estimates based on atmospheric observations, Doug Worthy, Environment and Climate Change Canada
(PDF, 6.53 MB, 18pp)
GaSP: Methane Mitigation in the Atlantic Provinces, Dr. Grant Wach, GASP Project
(PDF, 11.8 MB, 26pp)
Joint CCAC Agriculture and GMI Biogas Subcommittee Brainstorming meeting, Jorge Antonio Hilbert
(PDF, 924 KB, 5pp)
Kazakhstan Introduction to the Global Methane Initiative (GMI) Oil & Gas (O&G) Subcommittee
(PDF, 155 KB, 6pp)
Measurements of Methane Emissions from Canadian Bakken Shale Oil Fields and Oil Sands Surface Mining Facilities, Stewart Cober, Environment and Climate Change Canada
(PDF, 3.75 MB, 18pp)
Observations from the Field on Getting Results in the Oil & Gas Sector, Yvan Champagne, President, Blue Source Canada
(PDF, 1.84 MB, 15pp)
Oil & Gas Subcommittee Meeting
(PDF, 239 KB, 14pp)
Policy implications of methane quantification studies, Drew Nelson, Environmental Defence Fund (EDF)
(PDF, 1.05 MB, 12pp)
The Platform for Digital Commodities - Upstream Natural Gas, Jeff Cohen, Co-founder, XPansiv
(PDF, 1.52 MB, 11pp)
The Social Cost of Methane: Valuing Emissions to Reflect their Full Environmental Impact, Drew Shindell, CCAC SAP
(PDF, 1.06 MB, 12pp)
Ukraine Introduction to the Global Methane Initiative (GMI) Oil & Gas (O&G) Subcommittee, Ramazanov Vladyslav
(PDF, 217 KB, 8pp)

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