GMI Coal Mines Subcommittee 2022 Action Plan


Sector:Coal Mines
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The GMI Coal Mines Subcommittee focuses on supporting the identification and deployment of practical and cost-effective methane mitigation technologies and practices to reduce or eliminate emissions from coal mines. This is achieved by encouraging collaboration between Partner Countries, Subcommittee members, and Project Network members to build capacity, develop strategies and markets, and remove technical and non-technical barriers to methane mitigation project development. 

The Coal Mines Subcommittee 2022 Action Plan provides a blueprint for the important activities and priorities of the Coal Mines Subcommittee to advance coal mine methane (CMM) projects. The Action Plan recognizes and takes into account the work and program accomplishments to date, while also acknowledging the dynamic and rapidly changing environment affecting the global energy sector, particularly the coal industry, as well as the global carbon and environmental attributes markets. 

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