GMI Biogas Subcommittee Workshop Series: Understanding Your Waste Stream to Develop Methane Reduction Strategies

List of Events

Date16 May 2024
Location: Webinar
Industry Sector: Biogas

The Global Methane Initiative (GMI) Biogas Subcommittee launched a four-part workshop series in 2024 on Mobilizing Methane Action at Open Dumpsites and Landfills. This workshop series was developed in partnership with Environment and Climate Change Canada, the International Solid Waste Association, and the United States Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA), and focuses on exploring policies, technologies, and tools and resources, aimed at reducing methane emissions from municipal solid waste. The intended audience of the series includes national and subnational decision-makers and policymakers, waste professionals, waste facility operators, project developers, international development professionals, financial institutions interested in funding waste methane mitigation projects, and students and academics.

During the third virtual workshop on 16 May 2024, Understanding Your Waste Stream to Develop Methane Reduction Strategies, speakers focused on waste characterization as a means to mitigate methane emissions. In Part 1, participants gained insights into the GMI Waste Characterization Handbook: Understanding Municipal Waste Streams to Develop Data-Driven Methane Mitigation Strategies and the accompanying GMI Waste Characterization Tool, developed by the U.S. EPA. The Handbook provides additional recommended activities and resources to help cities best determine how to measure their waste, collect data, and make informed solid waste planning decisions that achieve methane reductions and other benefits. The tool allows users to analyze the composition of different waste streams. Part 2 explored waste characterization in practice in Canada, in support of their inventory of greenhouse gas emissions and modeling of methane generation, and Wisconsin, to evaluate effectiveness of laws (e.g., ban on electronics landfilling), and support future initiatives such as reducing disposal of food waste in landfills.

  • Moderator: Carlos Silva Filho, President of the International Solid Waste Association
  • Klara Zimmerman, Program Manager at the U.S. EPA
  • Sandra Mazo-Nix, Solid Waste Senior Associate at Abt Global
  • Hussein Zaki, Project Engineer at Environment and Climate Change Canada
  • Casey Krausensky, Solid Waste Coordinator at the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources 
Visit the Workshop Series: Mobilizing Methane Action at Open Dumpsites and Landfills page for more information and resources from the workshops in this series.