Municipal Solid Waste

GMI Landfill Gas Workshop - Chile

List of Events

Date1 July 2011
Location: Santiago de Chile, Chile
Industry Sector: Municipal Solid Waste
In cooperation with Ministry of Energy, U.S. EPA staff will be hosting a workshop for municipalities, project developers, and the biogas industry on the utilization of landfill gas and opportunities for methane recovery projects in Chile.

Note: Agenda and Proceedings are available in Spanish only

• Workshop Agenda (PDF, 2 pp, 66 KB)
• General Overview of the Global Methane Initiative, Tom Frankiewicz, USEPA (PDF, 13 pp, 849 KB)
• Capture and Utilization of Landfill Gas, José Luis Davila, SCS Engineers (PDF, 38 pp, 1.4 MB)
• Removing Barriers for LFG Energy Projects in Chile, Francisco J. Acuña, Universidad Tecnica Federico Santa Maria (PDF, 15 pp, 642 KB)
• Electricity Generation at Loma Los Colorados I y II, Alejandro Keller Hirsch, KDM Energía S.A. (PDF, 50 pp, 4.8 MB)