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Issue 17, February 2010

Important Late-Breaking Expo Developments:

Indian Minister of Environment Jairam Ramesh to Deliver Keynote
Expo's Methane Marketplace To Feature 140+ Projects

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Shri Jairam RameshWith less than a month before the Methane to Markets 2010 Partnership Expo begins in New Delhi, momentum continues to build, promising that this year's event will be the world's largest forum for methane projects, technology, financing, and policy.

India's Minister of Environment and Forests and Member of the Indian Parliament, Shri Jairam Ramesh, will deliver the Expo keynote address on 3 March 2010. Mr. Ramesh is a widely respected political figure and author of a number of government policies in India's environment, energy, and industrial sectors. He has played a key role representing India at international climate negotiations.

The Expo's Methane Marketplace will be bustling in New Delhi. In an unprecedented display of enthusiasm for methane capture opportunities, the Methane Marketplace will be featuring more than 140 project opportunities and success stories in all sectors from more than 20 countries.

Don't miss your chance to attend the Expo and take advantage of these exciting opportunities. The Methane to Markets Administrative Support Group (ASG) has made the most up-to-date information on the 2010 Partnership Expo and several resources for attending, traveling, and participating in this event available online:

Achievements Reported in First Partnership Accomplishments Report

Partnership Accomplishments Report CoverMethane to Markets has completed its fifth year. To mark this milestone, the ASG compiled the first Methane to Markets Partnership Accomplishments 2004-2009 (PDF, 52 pp, 2.6 MB) report. This report documents the Partnership's growth from 14 Partners in 2004 to 31 in 2009 and details the Partnership's successes. It summarizes Partner and Project Network member collaboration on more than 170 methane capture and use projects and activities. The report provides details on 80 events held by the Partnership in 23 countries, as well as Partnership activities that generated $84 million in direct project funding and leveraged an additional $350 million in private financing for capacity building and project development. It also illustrates how Methane to Markets' projects have not only led to a reduction of 27 million metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent annually, but also fostered international collaboration on important climate and energy developments.

Almost $4 Million in Grants Awarded to International Methane Projects

At the end of 2009 and beginning of 2010, the U.S. EPA awarded $3.9 million in funding to support methane capture and use projects and stimulate clean energy development across all four Methane to Markets sectors. Argentina, Brazil, Bulgaria, China, Colombia, India, Mexico, Nigeria, Philippines, Poland, and Russia received the awards Exiting Global Methane Initiative, ranging from $20,000 to $700,000. The projects will include training and capacity building, development of databases and information clearinghouses for potential sites, feasibility studies, technology transfer, and project expositions. Since the Partnership began five years ago, the U.S. EPA has awarded nearly $13 million in grants to 70 methane emission reduction projects.

Grant Funding Available for Methane Projects in 2010 – 15 April Deadline!

Continuing its commitment to support projects that reduce methane emissions, the U.S. EPA announced a new round of grant funding for Methane to Markets projects. Up to 35 projects are anticipated to receive grants ranging from $100,000 to $750,000, with an estimated total award of $5 million.

Successful proposals will support the Partnership's goals of reducing methane emissions and advancing project development in the following Methane to Markets Partner countries: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, China, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Georgia, India, Kazakhstan, Republic of Korea, Mexico, Mongolia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, Poland, Russia, Thailand, Ukraine, and Vietnam. Additionally, the U.S. EPA is accepting proposals from developing countries or countries with economies in transition that are in the process of applying to join the Partnership, as long as the ASG receives an acceptable letter of intent before the proposal deadline. Funded projects are scheduled to begin in October 2010 and extend for up to three years. The U.S. EPA must receive applications no later than 15 April 2010. Visit the U.S. EPA's Methane to Markets Web site Exiting Global Methane Initiative for more information.

Global Update on Landfill Gas Events

TractorMethane to Markets ushered out 2009 and ushered in 2010 with numerous landfill gas (LFG) workshops and site visits in both Partner and non-Partner countries. These events included the following:

Recent Developments

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