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12 October 2011

Name: GMI Partnership-Wide Meeting 2011

Sector: Agriculture, Coal Mines, Municipal Solid Waste, Oil and Gas, Steering

Location: Krakow, Poland

Event Details: The Global Methane Initiative, in cooperation with the Government of Poland, is hosting a Partnership-Wide Meeting in Krakow, Poland. In addition to Plenary Sessions about methane reduction and capture issues, this event will feature breakout meetings focusing on Agriculture, Oil and Gas, Landfills, Coal, and Wastewater. Technical and policy-specific topics will be discussed in the breakout sessions, as well as sector-specific Subcommittee discussions. A meeting of the GMI Steering Committee will convene concurrently.

Sector-specific site tours and networking events will also be featured at this Partnership-Wide Meeting.

For More Information: Visit the Partnership-wide meeting page for more information.