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EU Policy, Concept and Strategy on Biowaste Management (PDF, 3.0 MB, 34pp)

International Energy Agency (IEA): Energy Sector Methane Recovery and Use - The Importance of Policy (PDF, 1 MB, 46pp)

GMI Oil and Gas Subcommittee Meeting Proposed Methane Regulations, A Significant Step in Addressing Climate Change ... (PDF, 1 MB, 9pp)

GMI Oil and Gas Subcommittee Meeting Update of Methane capture in light of Oil & Gas production in Ghana (PDF, 1.3 MB, 26pp)

Oil & Gas Subcommittee Action Plan (PDF, 48.5 KB, 7pp)

Global Methane Forum 2018 Current and Potential Policy Impetus for CMM Recovery and Use Projects, Ms. Lisa DeMarco,... (PDF, 168 KB, 8pp)

Global Methane Forum 2018 Methane policy update: Baseline and outlook for G20 countries, Steven Knell, PhD., IHS En... (PDF, 371 KB, 13pp)

Global Methane Forum 2018 Tackling the Methane Challenge, Innovation in Financing Distributed Methane Reductions in... (PDF, 2.25 MB, 18pp)

Global Methane Forum 2018 Policy implications of methane quantification studies, Drew Nelson, Environmental Defence... (PDF, 1.05 MB, 12pp)

Global Methane Forum 2018 Observations from the Field on Getting Results in the Oil & Gas Sector, Yvan Champagne, P... (PDF, 1.84 MB, 15pp)

Expert Dialogue on Ventilation Air Methane Meeting Report (PDF, 0.8 MB, 21pp)

Status of CMM Ownership and Policy Incentives in Key Countries: Considerations for Decision Makers (PDF, 467.9 KB, 40pp)

Legal and Regulatory Status of Abandoned Mine Methane in Selected Countries: Considerations for Decision Makers (PDF, 0.6 MB, 29pp)

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