The GMI Coal Subcommittee focuses on supporting the identification and deployment of practical and cost-effective methane mitigation technologies and practices to reduce or eliminate emissions from coal mines. This is achieved by encouraging collaboration among Partner Countries, Subcommittee members, and Project Network members to build capacity, develop strategies and markets, and remove technical and non-technical barriers to methane mitigation project development. Ultimately, such collaboration can increase environmental quality, improve operational efficiency, and strengthen the economy via the additional methane brought to market.
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Coal Mine Methane Mitigation and Utilization Technologies and Project Profiles (also referred to as the Coal Mine Methane Technology Database)

International Coal Mine Methane Projects List

Policy White Paper—Flaring of Coal Mine Methane: Assessing Appropriate Opportunities

Pre-Feasibility Study for Methane Drainage and Utilization at the Casa Blanca Coal Mine

Pre-Feasibility Study for Methane Drainage and Utilization at the Pootkee Colliery, Damodar Valley

Challenge Story: China International Centre of Excellence on Coal Mine Methane

Challenge Story: Hydraulic Fracturing of Kuznetsk LLC

Challenge Story: India CBM Clearinghouse

Challenge Story: La Française de l’Energie

Challenge Story: Mongolian Nature & Environment Consortium (MNEC), Developing a Coal Mine Methane Emissions Inventory

Challenge Story: Poland International Centre of Excellence on Coal Mine Methane

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Coal Mine Methane Mitigation and Utilization Technologies and Project Profiles (also referred to as the Coal Mine Methane Technology Database) (2018 - PDF)
This database provides basic descriptions of several key technologies applicable to coal mine methane recovery and utilization, including each technology’s current status and commercial availability. It is intended to be a living document, which will be periodically updated to remain current. The database is an updated and revised version of the original database compiled by Australia’s Department of Industry, Tourism and Resources, on behalf of the Global Methane Initiative.
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International Coal Mine Methane Projects List (2016 - Excel)
Contains information on over two hundred coal mine methane recovery and utilization projects operating, in development, or planned around the world in both Global Methane Initiative partner and non-partner countries.
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Policy White Paper—Flaring of Coal Mine Methane: Assessing Appropriate Opportunities (2013 - PDF)
This is a white paper that discusses the GMI Coal Subcommittee’s policy on flaring as a coal mine methane end use. It revises the original policy paper adopted by the Coal Subcommittee members during the October 2011 Coal Subcommittee meeting. Version 2 was adopted by the Coal Subcommittee during the November 2013 Coal meeting in Geneva, Switzerland.
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Pre-Feasibility Study for Methane Drainage and Utilization at the Casa Blanca Coal Mine (2019 - PDF)
This pre-feasibility study was completed to determine the feasibility of a coal mine methane (CMM) capture and utilization project at the Casa Blanca Coal Mine in Colombia.
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Pre-Feasibility Study for Methane Drainage and Utilization at the Pootkee Colliery, Damodar Valley (2019 - PDF)
This pre-feasibility study was completed to determine the viability of a CMM drainage project at the Pootkee Colliery. Specifically, the study evaluated the technical and economic viability of utilizing long in-mine horizontal boreholes drilled into Seam XII to drain methane in advance of mining, and to identify end-use options for the drained methane.
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Challenge Story: China International Centre of Excellence on Coal Mine Methane (2020 - Website)
The International Centre of Excellence on Coal Mine Methane serves as a regional and international center for best practices in gas capture and utilization. Its objectives include increasing clean power generation, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and improving mine safety.
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Challenge Story: Hydraulic Fracturing of Kuznetsk LLC (2020 - Website)
Hydraulic Fracturing of Kuznetsk, LLC is working to reduce methane emissions in Russia through the development of a technology that increases the efficiency of degassing systems in modern coal mines.
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Challenge Story: India CBM Clearinghouse (2020 - Website)
The India CMM/CBM Clearinghouse addresses barriers to methane utilization projects in India. Several commercial CMM/CBM projects are scheduled to be implemented in 2020.
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Challenge Story: La Française de l’Energie (2020 - Website)
La Française de l’Energie (LFDE) assessed and identified practical options to recover and utilize the gas from Northern France’s abandoned coal mines. Annual methane emissions reductions for LFDE’s project are estimated at 602,000 TCO2e.
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Challenge Story: Mongolian Nature & Environment Consortium (MNEC), Developing a Coal Mine Methane Emissions Inventory (2020 - Website)
The Mongolian Nature & Environment Consortium (MNEC) created an inventory of CMM fugitive emissions, increased capacity for CMM exploration and project development, and published several outreach materials to increase public awareness.
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Challenge Story: Poland International Centre of Excellence on Coal Mine Methane (2020 - Website)
Poland created the International Centre of Excellence on Coal Mine Methane (ICE-CMM) to support the Group of Experts on CMM in its capacity-building activities.
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Industries targeted by GMI for strategic efforts to reduce emissions account for more than 50% of the world’s methane emissions. GMI and our Partner Countries have worked to reduce barriers to the recovery and use of methane as a clean energy source. Visit the Coal sector project list to learn about methane-related projects and activities at GMI sites.

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eventIdDateEvent NameCityCountryView EventSectors
5552022-06-08Industrial Methane Measurement ConferenceRotterdamNetherlands555Oil and Gas
5542021-06-08Global Energy Show Exhibition & ConferenceCalgaryCanada554Oil and Gas
5532021-03-17Future Energy Asia Exhibition and ConferenceBitecThailand553Oil and Gas
5522020-11-25Gas Asia Summit 2020BeijingChina552Oil and Gas
5662020-11-18Building Biogas Better Webinar Series: Session 3OnlineN/A566Biogas
5512020-11-17PTAC Event: 3rd Annual Methane Emissions Reduction ForumTBDCanada551Oil and Gas
5572020-11-17GTI Event: Methane Connections ConferenceOnlineN/A557Oil and Gas
5832020-11-04PTAC: CRIN Methane Emissions Reduction ForumOnlineN/A583Oil and Gas
5812020-10-28GMI Oil & Gas Subcommittee Virtual MeetingOnlineN/A581Oil and Gas
5822020-10-26 IG3IS Stakeholder Consultation SeriesOnlineN/A582Biogas, Coal Mines, Oil and Gas
5652020-10-21Building Biogas Better Webinar Series: Session 2OnlineN/A565Biogas
5492020-10-06World Biogas Summit 2020 and World Biogas Expo 2020 OnlineN/A549Biogas
5772020-10-06GMI Biogas Subcommittee Meeting and Joint Panel Discussion with the World Biogas AssociationOnlineN/A577Biogas
5762020-10-01Biogas Americas Live: Off-takers & Brokers: Who Do You Need to Make the Sale?OnlineN/A576Biogas
5802020-10-01CGIAR webinar series on climate security - A Partnership Agenda for Climate Security OnlineN/A580Biogas
5752020-09-29Biogas Americas Live: Evaluating Project Risk and Derisking O&M for Reliable ProductionOnlineN/A575Biogas
5782020-09-28Exploit the full WWTP potential: Digester Optimization & Biogas UtilizationOnlineN/A578Biogas
5792020-09-28Piloting and Scaling of Low Emission Development Options in Large-Scale Dairy Farms in ChinaOnlineN/A579Biogas
5732020-09-24Biogas Americas Live: The Rising Renewable Gas Market: H2, RNG, P2GOnlineN/A573Biogas
5742020-09-24Biogas Americas Live: Biogas’ Role on the Path to ElectrificationOnlineN/A574Biogas
5612020-09-23Building Biogas Better Webinar Series: Session 1OnlineN/A561Biogas
5642020-09-23Oil & Gas Subcommittee Webinar: Methane Emissions Mitigation – Technology and InnovationOnline, WebinarN/A564Oil and Gas
5712020-09-22Biogas Americas Live: Managing Animals & Energy: Swine, Dairy, Poultry & BeefOnlineN/A571Biogas
5722020-09-22Biogas Americas Live: Healthy Soil, Healthy BusinessOnlineN/A572Biogas
5692020-09-17Biogas Americas Live: The Next Growth Opportunities in the RNG Market (presented by AGA)OnlineN/A569Biogas
5702020-09-17Biogas Americas Live: Achieving Routine RNG Interconnection Processes for Utilities (presented by AGA)OnlineN/A570Biogas
5672020-09-15Biogas Americas Live: Corporate Carbon Challenge: How to buy renewable thermal energyOnlineN/A567Biogas
5682020-09-15Biogas Americas Live: Cutting Corporate Carbon Footprints with Biogas and RNGOnlineN/A568Biogas
5592020-09-10Biogas Americas Live: Shift to Green with BiogasOnlineN/A559Biogas
5622020-09-01European Biogas ConferenceOnlineN/A562Biogas
5632020-08-27CCAC-hosted West African Virtual Workshop: Advancing Climate Action in Agriculture and Food SystemsOnlineN/A563Biogas
5562020-08-26Advances in Automated Methane Detection Using InfraRed Cameras: Cost-Effectively Addressing Remote MonitoringOnlineN/A556Oil and Gas
5472020-07-2329th GMI Coal Mines Subcommittee Virtual MeetingVirtual MeetingN/A547Coal Mines
5322020-07-01The World Biogas Summit 2020BirminghamUnited Kingdom532Biogas
5452020-06-23Oil & Gas Subcommittee Webinar: Seeing Methane, the Invisible Problem … Who is Using Which Number?Online WebinarN/A545Oil and Gas
5462020-06-23CCAC/U.S. EPA Webinar: Promoting Circular Economy and the role of Centers of ExcellenceOnlineN/A546Biogas, MSW
5442020-05-20Llamado de artículos técnicos y estudios de casos – 2020: Revista RedBioLAC – 4ª Edición / Call for Technical Articles and Case Studies – 2020 – RedBioLAC Magazine 4th EditionOnlineN/A544Biogas
5432020-05-18World Biogas eFestival: A Virtual Tour of the Global Biogas IndustryOnlineN/A543Biogas
5392020-03-23Global Methane Forum 2020GenevaSwitzerland539Agriculture, Biogas, Coal Mines, MSW, Oil and Gas, Steering, Wastewater
5412019-12-112019 19th International Symposium on CBM/CMM in ChinaBeijingChina541Coal Mines
5342019-11-19MPOB International Palm Oil Congress and Exhibition (PIPOC) 2019Kuala LumpurMalaysia534Agriculture, Biogas
5402019-11-18GMI Steering Committee MeetingParisFrance540Steering
5352019-11-07GMI Coal Subcommittee Meeting and 14th Session of UNECE Group of Experts on Coal Mine MethaneGenevaSwitzerland535Coal Mines
5272019-11-05Ecomondo: The Green Technology Expo RiminiItaly527Biogas
5292019-10-28GMI Biogas Subcommittee MeetingMadisonUnited States529Agriculture, Biogas, MSW, Wastewater
5302019-10-28BioCycle REFOR19: Renewable Energy from Organics Recycling MadisonUnited States530Agriculture, Biogas, MSW, Wastewater
5112019-10-07International Solid Waste Association (ISWA) World Congress 2019BilbaoSpain511Biogas, MSW
5332019-09-256th Waste Management & Waste to Energy Asia Summit 2019 Ho Chi Minh CityVietnam533Biogas, MSW
5312019-09-19European Biogas Conference 2019BrusselsBelgium531Agriculture, Biogas
5362019-09-17Webinar: Bioenergy/Biogas Policies and Practices in India and DenmarkOnline, WebinarN/A536Agriculture, Biogas
5282019-09-11GMI Oil & Gas Subcommittee WebinarOnline, WebinarN/A528Oil and Gas
5202019-09-099th Multi-Stakeholder Partnership Meeting – Innovation for Sustainable Livestock SystemsManhattanUnited States520Agriculture, Biogas
5212019-09-03International Pittsburgh Coal ConferencePittsburghUnited States521Coal Mines
5002019-07-03UK AD & World Biogas Expo 2019BirminghamUnited Kingdom500Agriculture, Biogas, MSW, Wastewater
5122019-07-03The World Biogas Summit 2019BirminghamUnited Kingdom512Biogas
5152019-06-13Workshop on Best Practices in Coal Mine Methane Capture and Utilization DniproUkraine515Coal Mines
5142019-06-10Workshop on Best Practices in Coal Mine Methane Capture and UtilizationAnkaraTurkey514Coal Mines
5222019-06-0338th International Energy WorkshopParisFrance522Biogas
5172019-05-29Water Expo Central Asia 2019AlmatyKazakhstan517Biogas, Wastewater
5182019-05-29Technical Workshop: Methane Capture in Wastewater Treatment Plants: Technologies and ProfitabilityMexico CityMexico518Biogas, Wastewater
5022019-05-076th International Symposium on the Management of Agricultural and Agroindustrial Waste FlorianopolisBrazil502Agriculture, Biogas, MSW, Wastewater
4982019-04-24International Workshop on Optimum Utilization of CMM/CBM in IndiaRadisson Blu, Ranchi – 834001 (Jharkhand)India498Coal Mines
5052019-03-25GMI Oil & Gas Subcommittee Meeting and 6th Session of UNECE’s Group of Experts on GasGenevaSwitzerland505Oil and Gas
5072019-03-212019 Value of Biogas EastTorontoCanada507Agriculture, Biogas, MSW, Wastewater
5012019-02-28Global Summit on Waste to EnergyNew DelhiIndia501Agriculture, Biogas, MSW, Wastewater
5082019-02-28Biogas Italy 2019MilanItaly508Agriculture, Biogas, MSW, Wastewater
5042018-12-19GMI Biogas Subcommittee Webinar MeetingOnlineN/A504Agriculture, Biogas, MSW, Wastewater
4992018-11-20GMI Steering Committee Virtual MeetingOnlineN/A499Steering
5092018-10-25Expert Dialogue on Ventilation Air MethaneMelbourneAustralia509Coal Mines
4972018-10-24GMI Oil & Gas Subcommittee Webinar MeetingOnline, Webinar Registration RequiredN/A497Oil and Gas
4892018-10-21Greenhouse Gas Control Technologies Conference MelbourneAustralia489Coal Mines
4882018-10-15International Pittsburgh Coal ConferenceXuzhouChina488Coal Mines
4912018-09-24GMI Coal Subcommittee Meeting and 13th Session of UNECE Group of Experts on Coal Mine MethaneGenevaSwitzerland491Coal Mines
4952018-07-11GMI Oil and Gas Webinar/Subcommittee MeetingWebinarUnited States495Oil and Gas
4922018-06-25World Gas ConferenceWashingtonUnited States492Oil and Gas
4872018-06-1925th World Mining CongressAstanaKazakhstan487Coal Mines
4932018-05-16Possibilities of Using Biogas for Energy Production in KazakhstanAstanaKazakhstan493Biogas
4962018-04-18GMI Oil and Gas Subcommittee MeetingTorontoCanada496Oil and Gas
4812018-04-16Global Methane Forum 2018TorontoCanada481Agriculture, Biogas, Coal Mines, MSW, Oil and Gas, Steering, Wastewater
4862018-03-22Value of Biogas East ConferenceGatineauCanada486Biogas
4842018-01-24Best Practices to Reduce Emissions in the Oil and Gas Exploration and Production SectorMexico CityMexico484Oil and Gas
4902017-12-14Biogas Subcommittee Working Group Internet-Based MeetingWebinarN/A490Biogas
4802017-12-08GMI Steering Committee MeetingMexico CityMexico480Steering
4822017-11-27ManuREsource ConferenceEindhovenNetherlands482Biogas
4832017-11-06Encuentro RedBioLACBuenos AiresArgentina483Biogas
4672017-10-23GMI Coal Subcommittee Meeting and 12th Session of UNECE Group of Experts on Coal Mine MethaneGenevaSwitzerland467Coal Mines
4792017-09-27GMI Biogas Subcommittee MeetingBaltimore, MarylandUnited States479Biogas
4682017-09-252017 International Solid Waste Association (ISWA) World CongressBaltimore, MarylandUnited States468Agriculture, Biogas, MSW, Wastewater
4782017-09-2319th International Mining Congress of China and Best Practices in Coal Mine Methane (CMM) Drainage and Utilization WorkshopTianjinChina478Coal Mines
4732017-07-05UK AD & Biogas Show and World Biogas Expo 2017BirminghamUnited Kingdom473Biogas
4702017-06-12GMI Oil and Gas Subcommittee MeetingCalgaryCanada470Oil and Gas
4692017-06-11Ministerial Conference and Eighth International Forum on Energy for Sustainable DevelopmentAstanaKazakhstan469Coal Mines, Oil and Gas
4722017-06-07Best Practices in Coal Mine Methane (CMM) Drainage and Utilization WorkshopKatowicePoland472Coal Mines
4772017-04-27Biogas Subcommittee Internet-Based MeetingInternet/telephoneUnited States477Biogas
4662017-03-09International Workshop on Best Practices in Methane Drainage and Use in Coal MinesRadisson Blu Hotel, Ranchi, 834001, JharkhandIndia466Coal Mines
4632016-10-24GMI Coal Subcommittee Meeting and 11th Session of UNECE Group of Experts on Coal Mine MethaneGenevaSwitzerland463Coal Mines
4622016-10-1824th World Mining Congress: Mining in a World of InnovationRio de JaneiroBrazil462Coal Mines
4612016-08-082016 International Pittsburgh Coal ConferenceCapetownSouth Africa461Coal Mines
4602016-07-2716th International Symposium and Exhibition on CBM/CMM and Shale Gas in ChinaJinchengChina460Coal Mines
4652016-07-06Anaerobic Digestion & Biogas 2016 (UK AD & Biogas 2016)BirminghamUnited Kingdom465Agriculture, Biogas
4592016-05-25Guizhou Coal Mine Methane (CMM) Investment WorkshopGuiyangChina459Coal Mines
2016-03-29GMI Steering Committee MeetingWashington, DCUnited States474
4522016-03-28Global Methane ForumWashington, D.C., USAUnited States452Agriculture, Coal Mines, MSW, Oil and Gas, Steering, Wastewater
2016-02-24GMI Steering Committee MeetingTeleconferenceN/A458
4572016-02-03GMI Steering Committee MeetingTeleconferenceN/A457Steering
4552015-11-23Biogas Recovery in the Wastewater SectorInternet/Telephone MeetingN/A455Wastewater
4562015-11-04GMI Steering Committee MeetingTeleconferenceN/A456Steering
4532015-10-27GMI Coal Subcommittee Meeting and 10th Session of UNECE Group of Experts on Coal Mine MethanePalais des Nations, Room Salle XII, GenevaSwitzerland453Coal Mines
4542015-09-25Promoting Coal Mine Methane (CMM) for Energy, Safety and the Environment: Legislation and Project Development in KazakhstanKazMunayGaz, Kabanbay Batyr Ave, AstanaKazakhstan454Coal Mines
4512015-06-03Global Methane Initiative (GMI) Coal Subcommittee Meeting and Coal Mine Methane WorkshopBogotá, ColombiaColombia451Coal Mines
4452014-12-162014 14th International Symposium on CBM/CMM in ChinaLandmark Hotel, BeijingChina445Coal Mines
4502014-12-16MSW Subcommittee Web-Based MeetingInternet/telephone meetingN/A450MSW
4492014-11-182014 U.S. Coal Mine Methane ConferenceOmni William Penn Hotel, Pittsburgh, PAUnited States449Coal Mines
4432014-10-22GMI Coal Subcommittee Meeting and 9th Session of UNECE Group of Experts on Coal Mine MethanePalais des Nations, Room Salle XII, GenevaSwitzerland443Coal Mines
4482014-10-16GMI Steering Committee Meeting Montréal, QCCanada448Steering
4472014-10-075th Multi-Stakeholder Platform MeetingCaliColombia447Agriculture
4222014-09-21IWA World Water Congress and ExhibitionLisbonPortugal422Wastewater
4442014-09-16Global Methane Initiative (GMI) Agriculture Subcommittee internet/telephone meetingInternet/telephone meetingN/A444Agriculture
4462014-06-18Mongolia Coal Mine Methane Recovery and Utilization WorkshopMinistry of Mining, UlaanbaatarMongolia446Coal Mines
4402014-06-03Global Methane Initiative (GMI) Coal Subcommittee Internet MeetingInternet/telephone meetingN/A440Coal Mines
4252014-05-18Residuals and Biosolids 2014 - Sustainability Made Simple: Facilitating Resource RecoveryAustin, TexasUnited States425Wastewater
4392014-05-12Oil and Gas Subcommittee MeetingSan Antonio, TexasUnited States439Oil and Gas
4412014-05-08Improving Landfill Operations and Utilizing Landfill Gas WorkshopSantiagoDominican Republic441MSW
4182014-05-07IndoWater 2014 Expo and ForumSurabayaIndonesia418Wastewater
4422014-04-29Training Workshop on "Potential Methane Emissions Reductions through Capture and Use of Methane at Domestic Wastewater Treatment Plants"Mexico CityMexico442Wastewater
4382014-03-12Global Methane Initiative Agriculture, Municipal Solid Waste and Municipal Wastewater Best Practices Workshop and Subcommittee MeetingsFlorianópolisBrazil438Agriculture, MSW, Wastewater
4322013-12-10GMI Seminar: Coal Mine Methane Recovery and Utilization Moving Forward18/2 Hrushevskoho St., KyivUkraine432Coal Mines
4362013-12-10Oil and Gas Subcommittee Web-Based MeetingInternet/telephone meetingUnited States436Oil and Gas
4372013-12-03MSW Subcommittee Web-Based MeetingInternet/telephone meetingN/A437MSW
4282013-11-19GMI Coal Subcommittee Meeting and 8th Session of UNECE Ad Hoc Group of Experts on Coal Mine MethanePalais des Nations, Room Salle XII, GenevaSwitzerland428Coal Mines
4142013-11-12Workshop on the Development of Coal-based Non-Conventional Energy Resources in IndiaRanchi (Jharkhand)India414Coal Mines
4172013-11-04ANEAS Annual Convention and ExpoAcapulcoMexico417Wastewater
4352013-10-30Municipal Wastewater Subcommittee MeetingInternet/telephone meetingN/A435Wastewater
4262013-10-28U.S. EPA Natural Gas STAR Annual Implementation WorkshopSan Antonio, TXUnited States426Oil and Gas
4272013-10-28Oil and Gas Subcommittee MeetingSan Antonio, TXUnited States427Oil and Gas
4332013-10-242013 13th International Symposium on CBM/CMM in ChinaLandmark Hotel, BeijingChina433Coal Mines
4232013-10-14IWA Development Congress and ExhibitionNairobiKenya423Wastewater
4292013-10-145th Conference of Latin American and Caribbean Network for Biodigesters (RedBioLAC)TegucigalpaHonduras429Agriculture
4122013-10-08WasteECo-2013 Cooperation for Waste Issues: Exhibition and Conference KharkivUkraine412MSW, Wastewater
4162013-10-07ISWA World CongressViennaAustria416MSW
4192013-10-05WEFTEC, the Water Environment Federation’s Annual Technical Exhibition and ConferenceChicago, ILUnited States419Wastewater
4202013-10-05WEFTEC Workshop on “Barriers to Biogas Utilization for WWTPs: Using Appropriate Economic Methodologies for Evaluation of Cost-Saving Projects”Chicago, ILUnited States420Wastewater
4342013-09-29International Conference on Coal Science and TechnologyState College, PennsylvaniaUnited States434Coal Mines
4212013-09-24Seminar on Wastewater Treatment and Climate ChangeUniversidad Nacional Autónoma de México, FDMexico421Wastewater
4312013-09-24Global Methane Initiative (GMI) Agriculture Subcommittee internet/telephone meetingInternet/telephone meetingN/A431Agriculture
4302013-09-19Leachate Management TrainingRio de Janeiro, RJBrazil430MSW
4152013-09-07China Landfill Gas Best Practices Workshop (held in conjunction with the International Conference and Exhibition of Solid Waste Management and Recycling)WuhanChina415MSW
4132013-09-05International Conference and Exhibition on Solid Waste Management and RecyclingWuhanChina413MSW
4242013-09-01World Water Week 2013StockholmSweden424Wastewater
4082013-04-16Navigating the American Carbon World (NACW) 2013San Francisco, CaliforniaUnited States408Agriculture, Coal Mines, MSW
4072013-03-12Methane Expo 2013VancouverCanada407Agriculture, Coal Mines, MSW, Oil and Gas, Steering, Wastewater
4042012-12-06Wastewater Subcommittee Meeting**Internet Meeting**United States404Wastewater
4022012-11-28Agriculture Subcommittee Meeting**Internet Meeting**United States402Agriculture
3952012-11-264th Annual Unconventional Gas Asia SummitBaliIndonesia395Oil and Gas
4002012-11-268th Session of UNECE Group of Experts on Coal Mine MethanePalais des Nations, GenevaSwitzerland400Coal Mines
3942012-11-20First International Environmental ConferenceYanbu Al SaniyahSaudi Arabia394MSW, Oil and Gas
4012012-11-19Beneficios de la Iniciativa Global del Metano en el Sector HidrocarburosBogotáColombia401Oil and Gas
4032012-11-19Municipal Solid Waste Subcommittee Meeting**Internet Meeting**United States403MSW
3992012-11-152012 12th International Symposium on CBM/CMM in ChinaBeijingChina399Coal Mines
3972012-10-24Global Forum on Flaring Reduction and Gas UtilizationLondonEngland397Oil and Gas
3932012-10-18Resource India Expo 2012BangaloreIndia393MSW, Wastewater
4062012-10-02Global Methane Initiative Middle East MeetingWashington, DC United States406Oil and Gas
3962012-09-182nd Asia Pacific Global Methane Initiative Oil and Gas Sector WorkshopStandard Chartered Tower, JakartaIndonesia396Oil and Gas
3982012-09-10Coastal East Africa Solid Waste Management and Gas to Energy Best Practices WorkshopFlic en FlacMauritius398MSW
3862012-09-05Coal Subcommittee MeetingSydneyAustralia386Coal Mines
4052012-09-04Coal Mining Methane Abatement SeminarSydneyAustralia405Coal Mines
3922012-07-02Agriculture, Municipal Solid Waste, and Municipal Wastewater Subcommittee MeetingsSands Expo and Convention Center, Marina Bay SandsSingapore392Agriculture, MSW, Wastewater
3852012-05-16Coal Subcommittee Meeting**Webinar**United States385Coal Mines
3912012-05-15Biogas PolandWarsawPoland391Agriculture, MSW
3882012-05-07Landfill Subcommittee Meeting**Internet Meeting**United States388MSW
3902012-04-23Nordic Biogas ConferenceCopenhagenDenmark390Agriculture
3892012-04-18Municipal Wastewater Subcommittee Meeting**Internet Meeting**United States389Wastewater
3842012-04-12Oil and Gas Subcommittee MeetingDenver, ColoradoUnited States384Oil and Gas
3872012-04-10Agriculture Subcommittee Meeting**Internet Meeting**United States387Agriculture
3652012-03-28WasteECo-2012 Cooperation for Waste Issues: International Exhibition and ConferenceKharkivUkraine365Agriculture, MSW
3672012-02-21BiogasWorld Trade FairBerlinGermany367Agriculture
3572011-12-133rd China Solid Waste Summit 2011ShanghaiChina357Agriculture, MSW
3642011-12-05Colombia Landfill Gas Model WorkshopBogotaColombia364MSW
3482011-12-0111th International Symposium of CBM/CMM in ChinaBeijingChina348Coal Mines
3632011-11-30II Simposio Internacional: Calentamiento Global y Rellenos SanitariosPastoColombia363MSW
3622011-11-14CCAD/GMI Landfill Construction, Operations and Landfill Gas WorkshopSan SalvadorEl Salvador362MSW
3662011-11-09Turkmenistan Natural Gas STAR International WorkshopFarmington, New MexicoUnited States366Oil and Gas
3582011-11-082nd Annual European Gas ForumViennaAustria358Oil and Gas
3602011-11-07Climate Insights: Financial OpportunitiesNew YorkUnited States360Agriculture, Coal Mines, MSW, Oil and Gas, Steering
3562011-10-25Biogaz Europe 2011NantesFrance356Agriculture
3612011-10-25Bio Energy Business ConferenceMadison, WisconsinUnited States361Agriculture
3472011-10-12GMI Partnership-Wide Meeting 2011KrakowPoland347Agriculture, Coal Mines, MSW, Oil and Gas, Steering
3592011-10-054th Latin-American Solid Waste Engineering Symposium and Solid Waste Experts National MeetingMexico CityMexico359MSW
3532011-09-231st Asia Pacific Global Methane Initiative Oil and Gas Sector WorkshopSultan Hotel, JakartaIndonesia353Oil and Gas
3512011-09-21Technical Seminar on CMM Recovery and Utilization in Ukraine and UNECE Best Practices Guidance for Effective Methane Drainage and UseDonetskUkraine351Coal Mines
2812011-09-20Renewable Energy Technology Conference & Exhibition (RETECH)Washington DCUnited States281Agriculture, Coal Mines, MSW, Oil and Gas
3542011-09-207th International Conference on Biomass for EnergyKievUkraine354MSW
3262011-09-17ISWA Annual Congress 2011Daegu CityKorea, South326MSW
3242011-09-122011 Pittsburgh Coal ConferencePittsburgh, PennsylvaniaUnited States324Coal Mines
3252011-09-11World Mining Congress & ExpoIstanbulTurkey325Coal Mines
3552011-09-07Serbia Landfill Biogas WorkshopNovi SadSerbia355MSW
3232011-08-23WASTECONNashville, TennesseeUnited States323MSW
3442011-08-18EnviroNorth 2011ChandigarhIndia344Agriculture, MSW
3432011-08-017th Australia-New Zealand Climate Change & Business Conference 2011WellingtonNew Zealand343Agriculture, Coal Mines, MSW, Oil and Gas, Steering
3382011-07-04Africa Carbon ForumMarrakechMorocco338Agriculture, Coal Mines, MSW, Oil and Gas
3462011-07-01GMI Landfill Gas Workshop - ChileSantiago de ChileChile346MSW
3452011-06-29International Biogas Conference and Expo- ChileSantiago de ChileChile345Agriculture, MSW
3322011-06-28Clean Power Asia 2011BangkokThailand332MSW
3492011-06-27Landfill Methane: Clean Energy Source WorkshopBahia BlancaArgentina349MSW
3522011-06-27Presentation to the Bahia Blanca City Council on Landfill Gas and the Benefits of a Methane Recovery Project in Bahia BlancaBahia BlancaArgentina352MSW
3392011-06-20Coal Subcommittee Meeting**Webinar**United States339Coal Mines
3402011-06-15Oil and Gas Subcommittee Meeting**Webinar**United States340Oil and Gas
3412011-06-14Agriculture Subcommittee Meeting**Webinar**United States341Agriculture
3212011-06-01Carbon ExpoBarcelonaSpain321Agriculture, Coal Mines, MSW, Oil and Gas
3222011-06-01Beijing International Coal Mine and Ore Mine Equipment ExhibitionBeijingChina322Coal Mines
3362011-06-01International Seminar on Sustainable Wastewater Treatment OperationsRio de JaneiroBrazil336MSW
3372011-06-01Landfill Subcommittee Meeting**Webinar**United States337MSW
3202011-05-31WasteTechMoscowRussia320Agriculture, Coal Mines, MSW, Oil and Gas, Steering
3352011-05-31Solid Waste Treatment and Disposal: Leading Edge Technologies Conference and Global Methane Initiative Session: Experience in Landfill Biogas Extraction and Utilization Technology ApplicationMoscowRussia335MSW
3422011-05-13Gas Flaring/Venting and Fugitive Emissions Measurement WorkshopVillahermosaMexico342Oil and Gas
3192011-05-114th Surat Basin Coal & Energy 2011 ConferenceBrisbaneAustralia319Coal Mines
3342011-05-11Renewable and Alternative EnergiesRio Grande do SulBrazil334Agriculture, Coal Mines, MSW, Oil and Gas
3302011-05-10U.S. Environmental Protection Agency National AgSTAR ConferenceBoise Centre, Boise, IdahoUnited States330Agriculture
3292011-05-09Agriculture Subcommittee MeetingGrove Hotel, Boise, IdahoUnited States329Agriculture
3282011-04-21Second International Workshop on Methane Emissions Reduction Technologies in the Oil and Natural Gas IndustryHuadongChina328Oil and Gas
3182011-04-15Carbon Markets AmericasSao PauloBrazil318Agriculture, Coal Mines, MSW, Oil and Gas, Steering
3142011-04-13Navigating the American Carbon WorldLos Angeles, CaliforniaUnited States314Agriculture, Coal Mines, MSW, Oil and Gas
3332011-04-13GMI Webinar Project Financing Options From the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC)**Webinar**United States333Agriculture, Coal Mines, Oil and Gas
3312011-03-275th Power & Alternative Energy Asia International Exhibition & ConferenceKarachiPakistan331Agriculture, Coal Mines, MSW, Oil and Gas
2802011-03-22World Biofuels MarketsRotterdamNetherlands280Agriculture, Coal Mines, MSW, Oil and Gas
3162011-03-174th UGas Summit (Unconventional Gas)SingaporeSingapore316Agriculture, Coal Mines, MSW, Oil and Gas, Steering
3152011-03-16Unconventional GasLondonUnited Kingdom315Agriculture, Coal Mines, MSW, Oil and Gas, Steering
3122011-03-01Carbon Markets InsightsAmsterdamNetherlands312Agriculture, Coal Mines, MSW, Oil and Gas, Steering
3132011-03-01Coal Seam Methane World 2011BrisbaneAustralia313Coal Mines
3172011-03-01World CTLParisFrance317Agriculture, Coal Mines, MSW, Oil and Gas, Steering
3102011-01-25Carbon Markets & Climate Finance AfricaJohannesburgSouth Africa310Agriculture, Coal Mines, MSW, Oil and Gas, Steering
2922010-12-09ISWA Beacon Conference 2010: Public - Private Partnership and Hazardous Waste in Developing Countries in South Eastern Europe, Middle East, and Mediterranean RegionNovi SadSerbia292MSW
3272010-12-08Global Methane Initiative Side Event UNFCCC 16TH Conference of the PartiesCancunMexico327Agriculture, Coal Mines, MSW, Oil and Gas, Steering
3082010-11-29United Nations Climate Change Conference Cancun - COP 16 & CMP 6CancunMexico308Agriculture, Coal Mines, MSW, Oil and Gas, Steering
3092010-11-29World Clean Coal Week China FocusBeijingChina309Coal Mines
3072010-11-25Cost Effective CBM Exploration WorkshopJakartaIndonesia307Coal Mines
2972010-11-12Agriculture Subcommittee MeetingSant’Elena Hotel, VeniceItaly297Agriculture
2952010-11-11Landfill Subcommittee MeetingSant’Elena Hotel, VeniceItaly295MSW
2962010-11-11Wastewater Task Force MeetingSant’Elena Hotel, VeniceItaly296Agriculture, MSW
662010-11-10ISWA 2010 Annual Congress in GermanyHamburgGermany66MSW
2572010-11-08IDF World Dairy SummitAucklandNew Zealand257Agriculture
3002010-11-08Management and Regulation of Solid Waste Utilities: Energy BrasiliaBrazil300MSW
2842010-11-03Oil and Gas Subcommittee MeetingRitz Carlton Hotel, New Orleans, LAUnited States284Oil and Gas
2562010-11-02Waste Treatment Industry Promotion in Kazakhstan and International Waste Management Expertise Waste Central Asia 2010AlmatyKazakhstan256MSW
2552010-11-01Carbon Market Insights AmericasNew York, New YorkUnited States255Agriculture, Coal Mines, MSW, Oil and Gas
2662010-11-0117th Natural Gas STAR Annual Implementation WorkshopNew Orleans, LouisianaUnited States266Oil and Gas
2792010-10-27Carbon Forum AsiaSingaporeSingapore279Agriculture, Coal Mines, MSW, Oil and Gas, Steering
2542010-10-26Oil & Gas Investment Asia 2010Grand HyattSingapore254Oil and Gas
3062010-10-21Coal Subcommittee MeetingBeijingChina306Coal Mines
2832010-10-1910th International Symposium on CBM/CMM in ChinaLandmark Hotel, BeijingChina283Coal Mines
2532010-10-112010 International Pittsburgh Coal ConferenceIstanbulTurkey253Coal Mines
2862010-10-116th Session of the UNECE Ad Hoc Group of Experts on Coal Mine MethaneGenevaSwitzerland286Coal Mines
2782010-10-052010 U.S. Coal Mine Methane ConferenceBirmingham, AlabamaUnited States278Coal Mines
2852010-10-012nd Methane to Markets Ministerial MeetingPresidente InterContinental Hotel, Mexico CityMexico285
3052010-09-308th Steering Committee MeetingPresidente InterContinental Hotel, Mexico CityMexico305Steering
2522010-09-28Carbon TradeEx America Tradeshow & ConferenceChicago, IllinoisUnited States252Agriculture, Coal Mines, MSW, Oil and Gas, Steering
2772010-09-28Carbon Markets Turkey, South Caucasus & Central AsiaIstanbulTurkey277Agriculture, Coal Mines, MSW, Oil and Gas, Steering
2932010-09-17Advancing LFGE ProjectsRibeirao Preto, State of São PauloBrazil293MSW
2652010-09-162nd China Solid Waste Summit 2010ShanghaiChina265MSW, Oil and Gas
3022010-09-14Colombia Landfill Gas Model WorkshopMedellinColombia302MSW
2742010-09-08Carbon Markets Mexico & Central AmericaMexico CityMexico274Agriculture, Coal Mines, MSW, Oil and Gas, Steering
2752010-09-08India Carbon Market ConclaveNew DelhiIndia275Agriculture, Coal Mines, MSW, Oil and Gas, Steering
2762010-09-08Second International Greenhouse Gas Measurement SymposiumWashington DCUnited States276Agriculture, Coal Mines, MSW, Oil and Gas, Steering
2942010-08-30Methane to Markets Partnership Mongolia Coal Mine Methane (CMM) Project Development WorkshopUlaanbaatarMongolia294Coal Mines
2892010-08-268th National Congress ICLEI Mexico: LFG WorkshopCancunMexico289MSW
2882010-08-17LFG Methane a Clean Energy Source WorkshopLa Plata, Prov. Buenos AiresArgentina288MSW
2512010-08-15WASTECON 2010Boston, MassachusettsUnited States251MSW
2732010-07-01FICCI Environmental ConclaveNew DelhiIndia273Agriculture, Coal Mines, MSW, Oil and Gas, Steering
2502010-06-29ORBIT 2010: Organic Resources in the Carbon EconomyCreteGreece250Agriculture, Coal Mines, MSW, Oil and Gas, Steering
2722010-06-22Carbon Markets AsiaSingaporeSingapore272Agriculture, Coal Mines, MSW, Oil and Gas, Steering
642010-06-13U.S./North American Mine Ventilation Symposium Sudbury, OntarioCanada64Coal Mines
2712010-06-102010 International Workshop on CBM/CMM Recovery and Utilization TechnologyChangsha, Hunan ProvinceChina271Coal Mines
2692010-06-08Carbon Markets, Forestry & REDD USAWashington DCUnited States269Agriculture, Coal Mines, MSW, Oil and Gas, Steering
2702010-06-08Carbon Finance North America 2010New York, New YorkUnited States270Agriculture, Coal Mines, MSW, Oil and Gas, Steering
632010-06-036th China International Coal Equipment and Mine Technical Equipment Exhibition (CICEME 2010)BeijingChina63Coal Mines
2382010-06-03International Coal Mine Methane (CMM) Investment ForumDonetskUkraine238Coal Mines
2372010-06-02Creating Viable Landfill Gas to Energy Projects in Latin AmericaBuenos AiresArgentina237MSW
2492010-05-292010 China International Conference on Coal Mine Methane Recovery and UtilizationHefei, Anhui ProvinceChina249Coal Mines
682010-05-26Carbon ExpoCologneGermany68Agriculture, Coal Mines, MSW, Oil and Gas, Steering
2482010-05-172010 International Coalbed & Shale Gas SymposiumTuscaloosa, AlabamaUnited States248Coal Mines
2472010-05-11Bioenergy Markets AfricaMaputoMozambique247MSW
2602010-05-10Middle East Forum on Flaring Reduction & Gas UtilizationMuscatOman260Oil and Gas
2462010-05-03FICCI Landfill Gas-to-Energy Study TourGeorgiaUnited States246MSW
2452010-04-28North American Coalbed Methane Forum Spring 2010 ConferenceCanonsburg, PennsylvaniaUnited States245Coal Mines
2202010-04-27Fifth AgSTAR National ConferenceGreen Bay, WIUnited States220Agriculture
2682010-04-26Turkmenistan Symposium on Natural Gas System ManagementAshgabatTurkmenistan268Oil and Gas
2642010-04-22Landfill Operations WorkshopNeuquénArgentina264MSW
2612010-04-21Meeting with Provence of Buenos Aires, Argentina to discuss opportunities for future collaborationNeuquenArgentina261MSW
2242010-04-19Landfill Gas to Energy Workshops and Site TourChangshaChina224MSW
2232010-04-15Landfill Gas to Energy Workshops and Site TourWuhanChina223MSW
2622010-04-14Methane to Markets Landfill Gas to Energy Basics for Environmental Regulatory Officials in the State of Minas GeraisBelo Horizonte (MG)Brazil262MSW
692010-04-13World CTL 2010 ConferenenceBeijingChina69Agriculture, Coal Mines, MSW, Oil and Gas
2222010-04-12Landfill Gas to Energy Workshops and Site TourJinanChina222MSW
82010-04-077th International Conference Cooperation for Waste IssuesKharkivUkraine8MSW
122010-04-05Power & Electricity World Asia 2010SuntecSingapore12Agriculture, Coal Mines, MSW, Oil and Gas, Steering
2632010-03-15M2M Workshop: Applications to Swine Farms in ChinaHunanChina263Agriculture
2392010-03-05Agriculture Subcommittee MeetingNew DelhiIndia239Agriculture
2402010-03-05Oil and Gas Subcommittee MeetingNew DelhiIndia240Oil and Gas
2412010-03-05Landfill Subcommittee MeetingNew DelhiIndia241MSW
2582010-03-05Coal Subcommittee MeetingNew DelhiIndia258Coal Mines
52010-03-02Methane to Markets Partnership ExpoNew DehliIndia5Agriculture, Coal Mines, MSW, Oil and Gas
672010-03-02Carbon Market Insights 2010AmsterdamNetherlands67Agriculture, Coal Mines, MSW, Oil and Gas, Steering
2252010-03-02Steering Committee MeetingNew DelhiIndia225Steering
702010-02-24International Symposium: Progress in Treatment of Manure and Digestate HeidenGermany70Agriculture
252009-12-14Landfill Gas to Energy WorkshopBangkokThailand25MSW
312009-12-11Methane to Markets Landfill Gas to Energy workshop for the ISWA-Beacon ConferenceNovi SadSerbia31MSW
242009-12-09M2M Phillippine Landfill Gas WorkshopQuezon City, ManilaPhilippines24MSW
92009-11-23Coal Mine Methane ConferenceLondonUnited Kingdom9Coal Mines
472009-11-109th International Mine Ventilation CongressNew DelhiIndia47Coal Mines
412009-11-02Carbon Market Insights AmericasNew York City, New YorkUnited States41Agriculture, Coal Mines, MSW, Oil and Gas, Steering
262009-10-27Landfill Sector Methane to Markets Gas Modelling WorkshopBeijingChina26MSW
322009-10-27Landfill Operations WorkshopFortalezaBrazil32MSW
372009-10-27Bioenergy Markets West AfricaAccraGhana37Agriculture
622009-10-15Conference on Mitigating Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Livestock and Agro-Industrial WasteManilaPhilippines62Oil and Gas
102009-10-12Joint meeting of the Methane to Markets Coal Mine Subcommittee and the UNECE Ad Hoc Group of Experts on Coal Mine MethaneGenevaSwitzerland10Coal Mines
332009-10-01Biogas ConferenceSan Francisco, CaliforniaUnited States33Agriculture, MSW
532009-09-302009 U.S. Coal Mine Methane ConferenceBoulder, ColoradoUnited States53Coal Mines
602009-09-28Energy from WasteLondonUnited Kingdom60MSW
592009-09-24China Solid Waste Management Summit 2009ShanghaiChina59MSW
42009-09-21Landfill Subcommittee MeetingLong Beach, CAUnited States4MSW
512009-09-2126th International Pittsburgh Coal ConferencePittsburgh, PennsylvaniaUnited States51Coal Mines
112009-09-18Landfill Biogas SeminarAlmatyKazakhstan11MSW
392009-09-17Asia Pacific Partnership's Cleaner Fossil Energy Task Force MeetingLake Louise, AlbertaCanada39Oil and Gas
562009-09-16Waste Management and Remediation of Legacy Contamination WasteTech Central Asia 2009 and EcoTech 2009 ExhibitionAlmatyKazakhstan56MSW
32009-09-14Oil & Gas Systems Technology Transfer & Subcommittee MeetingLake LouiseCanada3Oil and Gas
22009-09-10Steering Committee MeetingWashington DCUnited States2Steering
12009-09-03Agriculture Subcommittee MeetingGuangzhouChina1Agriculture
442009-08-31AWMA Harmonizing Greenhouse Gas Assessment and Reporting Processes ConferenceBaltimore, MarylandUnited States44Agriculture, Coal Mines, MSW, Oil and Gas, Steering
272009-08-13Landfill Gas Energy WorkshopArmeniaColombia27MSW
542009-06-30Fifth International Symposium on Non-CO2 Greenhouse Gases (NCGG-5)WageningenNetherlands54Coal Mines
352009-06-23National Biomethane SummitSacramento, CaliforniaUnited States35Agriculture, MSW
382009-06-22Oil & Gas Outlook Central Asia 2009AlmatyKazakhstan38Oil and Gas
432009-05-26WasteTech-2009MoscowRussia43Agriculture, Coal Mines, MSW, Oil and Gas, Steering
492009-05-182009 International Coalbed and Shale Gas SymposiumTuscaloosa, AlabamaUnited States49Coal Mines
62009-04-28Landfill Operations and Landfill Gas WorkshopMedellinColombia6MSW
612009-04-24Landfill Operations Training CourseCordobaArgentina61MSW
572009-04-21International Solid Waste Association (ISWA) WorkshopAbujaNigeria57MSW
502009-04-20North American Coalbed Methane ForumCannonsburg, PennsylvaniaUnited States50Coal Mines
422009-04-07Carbon TradeEx AmericaWashington, D.C.United States42Agriculture, Coal Mines, MSW, Oil and Gas, Steering
452009-04-07CMM Recovery and Utilization WorkshopChengdu City, Sichuan ProvinceChina45Coal Mines
402009-04-01Navigating the American Carbon World 2009San Diego, CaliforniaUnited States40Agriculture, Coal Mines, MSW, Oil and Gas, Steering
552009-03-30Unconventional GasLondonUnited Kingdom55Coal Mines
72009-03-26Landfill Gas Modeling WorkshopGuadalajaraMexico7MSW
362009-03-23Greenhouse Gas Measurement SymposiumSan Francisco, CaliforniaUnited States36Agriculture, MSW
482009-03-17Carbon Market Insights 2009CopenhagenDenmark48Coal Mines
462009-03-102nd CBM World Conference: Developing Coal Seam Gas as LNG on Global Markets - Challenges AheadJakartaIndonesia46Coal Mines
342009-03-03Methane to Markets Regional Workshop: Opportunities in Livestock and Food Processing Industry SectorNew DelhiIndia34Agriculture
1312009-02-26Carbon Forum AmericaSan Francisco, CAUnited States131Coal Mines
522009-02-23Asia CBM Forum 2009JakartaIndonesia52Coal Mines
132009-01-275th Annual Steering Committee MeetingMonterreyMexico13Steering
142009-01-27Agriculture Subcommittee MeetingMonterreyMexico14Agriculture
152009-01-27Coal Subcommittee MeetingMonterreyMexico15Coal Mines
162009-01-27Landfill Subcommittee MeetingMonterreyMexico16MSW
172009-01-27Oil and Natural Gas Subcommittee MeetingMonterreyMexico17Oil and Gas
182009-01-27Agriculture Technology Transfer Workshop: Developing Anaerobic Digester Projects from Livestock and Food Processing WastesMonterreyMexico18Agriculture
192009-01-27Coal Technology Transfer WorkshopMonterreyMexico19Coal Mines
202009-01-27Landfill Technology Transfer Workshop: A Workshop on Barriers to Project Development and Landfill Biogas Project SuccessesMonterreyMexico20MSW
212009-01-27Oil and Gas Technology Transfer Workshop: Site Tour to the Burgos Gas Processing Complex of PEMEX, and Technology Demonstration MonterreyMexico21Oil and Gas
222009-01-27Partnership-wide MeetingMonterreyMexico22Steering
232009-01-27Reunión de toda la asociación y del comité directivoMonterreyMexico23Steering
1072008-12-112nd Annual China Coal Summit 2008BeijingChina107Coal Mines
1122008-12-05International Workshop on Mine Methane Emission Reduction in ChinaKunlun Hotel, BeijingChina112Coal Mines
822008-12-04Landfill Operations WorkshopCancunMexico82MSW
1102008-12-04The 8th International Symposium on CBM/CMM and Carbon Trading in ChinaBeijingChina110Coal Mines
1202008-12-01UNFCCC 14th Conference of the Parties (COP)PozanPoland120Agriculture, Coal Mines, MSW, Oil and Gas, Steering
1062008-11-17India CMM/CBM Clearinghouse Kick-off EventIndian Institute of Coal Management, RanchiIndia106Coal Mines
922008-11-11International Dairy Federation World Dairy SummitMexico CityMexico92Agriculture
1042008-11-05Technology Transfer Workshop on Methane Emissions in the Petroleum and Gas Sector / Technology DemonstrationBuenos AiresArgentina104Oil and Gas
832008-11-04Landfill Methane to Markets WorkshopQubus Hote, KrakowPoland83MSW
992008-11-03International Solid Waste Association and Waste Management & Recycling Association of Singapore World CongressSuntec CitySingapore99MSW
2212008-10-29Program for International Science-Technical SeminarRazvilkaRussia221Oil and Gas
1032008-10-22APLAS - The Fifth Asian-Pacific Landfill SymposiumSapporoJapan103MSW
1022008-10-21WASTECON 2008, SWANA''s 46th Annual Solid Waste ExhibitionTampa Bay, FloridaUnited States102MSW
842008-10-10Landfill Operations Training CourseBuenos AiresArgentina84MSW
862008-10-09Environmental and Public Utilities SeminarBogotaColombia86Agriculture, Coal Mines, MSW, Oil and Gas, Steering
1432008-09-24China Carbon Congress 2008HainanChina143Agriculture, Coal Mines, MSW, Oil and Gas, Steering
1132008-09-22MINExpo International 2008Las Vegas, NevadaUnited States113Coal Mines
1142008-09-222008 Asia Pacific Coalbed Methane SymposiumBrisbaneAustralia114Coal Mines
952008-09-21International Biogas Study TourStuttgartGermany95Agriculture
852008-09-16Carbon Markets USAWashington, D.C.United States85Agriculture, Coal Mines, MSW, Oil and Gas, Steering
942008-09-15International Biogas Training CourseStuttgartGermany94Agriculture
1002008-09-07Global Waste Management SymposiumCopper Mountain, ColoradoUnited States100MSW
972008-08-31International Livestock Environment SymposiumIguassu FallsBrazil97Agriculture
1052008-07-16Distribution Technology Transfer WebcastUnited States105Oil and Gas
1302008-07-16CMM Recovery and Utilization WorkshopGuiyang, GuizhouChina130Coal Mines
902008-06-30World's Poultry CongressBrisbaneAustralia90Agriculture
1332008-06-26China Clean Coal Summit 2008ShanghaiChina133Coal Mines
1162008-06-18Landfill Subcommittee MeetingBuenos AiresArgentina116MSW
1012008-06-17Citywaste Asia 2008Rasa Sentosa ResortSingapore101MSW
1222008-06-0912th US / North American Mine Ventilation SymposiumThe University of Nevada, Reno, NevadaUnited States122Coal Mines
912008-06-05World Pork ExpoDes Moines, IowaUnited States91Agriculture
892008-06-03High-Level Conference on World Food Security and the Challenges of Climate Change and BioenergyRomeItaly89Agriculture
1092008-06-03CIS Coal SummitMoscowRussia109Coal Mines
1382008-06-02SBSTA MeetingBonnGermany138Agriculture, Coal Mines, MSW, Oil and Gas, Steering
1362008-05-28Coalbed Methane and Coal Mine Methane Power Generation Part of the U.S. China Natural Gas Training SeriesDalian City, Liaoning ProvinceChina136Coal Mines
1152008-05-19Oil and Gas Subcommittee MeetingRomeItaly115Oil and Gas
1422008-05-15Navigating the Carbon WorldMarriot Hotel and Marina,San Diego , CAUnited States142Agriculture, Coal Mines, MSW, Oil and Gas, Steering
1392008-05-07Carbon ExpoCologneGermany139Agriculture, Coal Mines, MSW, Oil and Gas, Steering
752008-04-29Coal Mine Methane Subcommittee MeetingCagliari, SardiniaItaly75Coal Mines
1082008-04-29Coal Prep 2008Lexington Center, Lexington, KentuckyUnited States108Coal Mines
1212008-04-29North American Coalbed Methane (NACBM) Spring ForumHilton Garden Inn - Southpointe, Canonsburg, PAUnited States121Coal Mines
962008-04-24Biogas: Today's Renewable Energy of TomorrowQuebecCanada96Agriculture
742008-04-23Overcoming the Barriers for the Implementation of Anaerobic Digestion in the Agricultural SectorMorella, MichoacanMexico74Agriculture
732008-04-22Agriculture Subcommittee MeetingMorella, MichoacanMexico73Agriculture
722008-04-17International Workshop on Methane Emissions Reduction Technologies in the Oil and Gas IndustryHuadongChina72Oil and Gas
1292008-04-16Miningworld RussiaCrocus Expo, MoscowRussia129Coal Mines
932008-04-15International Biomass Conference & Trade ShowMinneapolis, MinnesotaUnited States93Agriculture
1412008-04-15Carbonmarkets AmericasSao PauloBrazil141Agriculture, Coal Mines, MSW, Oil and Gas, Steering
1272008-04-146th Annual CoalTrans ChinaBeijingChina127Coal Mines
882008-04-02Growing the Margins: Energy, Bioproducts, and Byproducts for Farm and Food SectorsLondon, OntarioCanada88Agriculture
982008-04-02Cooperation for Waste Issues - 5th International Conference on Solid Waste, Sewage and Air Emissions ManagementKharkivUkraine98MSW
712008-03-31Training Workshops on Energy Recovery, Greenhouse Gas Reductins, and Carbon FinancingShenzhen and BeijingChina71MSW
1402008-03-11Carbon Market InsightsCopenhagenDenmark140Agriculture, Coal Mines, MSW, Oil and Gas, Steering
1282008-03-102nd CBM World Conference: Developing Coal Seam Gas as LNG on Global Markets - Challenges AheadHotel Mulia Senayan, JakartaIndonesia128Coal Mines
1542008-03-10Unconventional Gas: Strategies for Commercial Success Includes associated events on CBMCrowne Plaza Hotel - The City, LondonUnited Kingdom154Coal Mines
1552008-03-109th Annual Coalbed Methane ConferenceW Marriott Hotel at Cherry Creek, Denver, ColoradoUnited States155Coal Mines
1112008-03-047th Annual CoalTrans IndiaTaj Palace Hotel, New DelhiIndia111Coal Mines
1192008-03-04WIREC Side Event - Methane to Markets Partnership: International Opportunities in Renewable Energy Projects in Landfills and Manure Waste ManagementWashington Convention Center, Washington, DCUnited States119Agriculture, MSW
1342008-02-27New Trends in CMM Recovery and Utilization (Workshop)SzczyrkPoland134Coal Mines
1322008-02-26Carbon Forum America 2008San Francisco, CAUnited States132Coal Mines
1562008-02-14Coal 2008: 8th Underground Coal Operators ConferenceUniversity of WallongongAustralia156Coal Mines
1262008-02-12110th National Western Mining Conference & ExhibitionWestin Tabor Center Hotel, Denver, COUnited States126Coal Mines
1352008-01-28Coal Methane EnergySingaporeChina135Coal Mines
2312007-10-30Steering Committee MeetingChina World Hotel - BeijingChina231Agriculture, Coal Mines, MSW, Oil and Gas, Steering
2322007-10-30Methane to Markets Beijing ExpoBeijingChina232Agriculture, Coal Mines, MSW, Oil and Gas, Steering
1522007-10-29Dispute Resolution in International Oil and Gas ContractsParisFrance152Oil and Gas
1492007-10-01International Waste Management and Landfill SymposiumSardiniaItaly149MSW
1502007-09-24ISWA/NVRD World Congress 2007 AmsterdamNetherlands150MSW
1462007-09-19International Conference "Progress in Biogas"StuttgartGermany146Agriculture
1452007-09-15International Biogas Training CourseStuttgartGermany145Agriculture
1482007-08-302007 International Workshop on CMM Development and Environment ProtectionXinjiangChina148Coal Mines
2362007-08-27Exploring Opportunities for Landfill Biogas Projects in Latin AmericaGuayaquilEcuador236MSW
2082007-05-28Landfill Methane to Markets WorkshopMoscowRussia208MSW
1602007-05-16Agriculture Subcommittee MeetingBuenos AiresArgentina160Agriculture
1472007-05-15Third International Conference on Clean Coal Technologies for Our FutureSardiniaItaly147Coal Mines
1732007-05-14Strategies and Challenges to Implement Anaerobic Digestion SystemsBuenos AiresArgentina173Agriculture
1792007-05-09Waste to Energy International Exhibition & Conference for Energy from Waste and BiomassBremenGermany179MSW
1582007-05-04Landfill Subcommittee MeetingBlauer Salon, Koeln Messe, CologneGermany158MSW
1592007-04-30Oil and Gas Subcommittee MeetingMarcliffe Hotel, AberdeenScotland159Oil and Gas
1572007-04-02Coal Mine Methane Subcommittee Meeting and UNECE Ad Hoc Group of Experts on Coal Mine MethanePalais des Nations, Geneva,Switzerland157Coal Mines
1442007-02-06Fourth USDA Greenhouse Gas Conference: Positioning Agriculture and Forestry to Meet the Challenges of Climate ChangeBaltimore, MarylandUnited States144Agriculture
1782007-01-29Clean Development Mechanism Africa 2007The Castle, Kyalami, JohannesburgSouth Africa178Oil and Gas
2432007-01-15Energy Management Workshop for Upstream and Midstream OperationsCalgary, AlbertaCanada243Oil and Gas
1512007-01-10PetroEcuador Gas Capture & Utilization ConferenceQuitoEcuador151Oil and Gas
2442006-12-14Steering Committee MeetingGrand Hotel Plaza, Via Del Corso, Rome,Italy244Agriculture, Coal Mines, MSW, Oil and Gas, Steering
2072006-12-13Global Forum on Flaring Reduction and Associated Gas UtilisationParisFrance207Oil and Gas
2352006-12-01The Methane to Markets Agriculture Subcommittee meetingKindersly Centre BerkshireUnited Kingdom235Agriculture
2172006-11-29Landfill Subcommittee MeetingHotel Oro Verde, CuencaEcuador217MSW
2342006-11-29Anaerobic Digestion in Agriculture: Policies and Markets for GrowthKindersly Centre BerkshireUnited Kingdom234Agriculture
1812006-11-216th Coal Seam Gas & Coal Mine Methane ConferenceNovotel BrisbaneAustralia181Coal Mines
1802006-11-07Landfill Methane to Markets Specialized WorkshopRiminiItaly180MSW
1822006-10-30Biogas MarketsViennaAustria182Agriculture
1832006-10-23Second International Conference on JI Projects in Ukraine - "Climate Change and Business"KievUkraine183Agriculture, Coal Mines, MSW, Oil and Gas, Steering
1842006-10-2313th Annual Natural Gas STAR Implementation WorkshopHouston, TexasUnited States184Oil and Gas
1852006-10-18Fourth Asian-Pacific Landfill SymposiumShanghaiChina185MSW
1862006-10-172006 International Workshop on Coalbed Methane/Coal Mine MethaneBeijingChina186Coal Mines
2122006-10-06GMI Coal Subcommittee MeetingMarriott Brisbane, 515 Queen Street, BrisbaneAustralia212Coal Mines
2132006-10-04Coal Mine Methane WorkshopMarriott Brisbane, 515 Queen Street, BrisbaneAustralia213Coal Mines
1872006-09-27Increasing the Pace of Technology Innovation and Application: Enabling Climate Change SolutionsKey Bridge Marriott Hotel, Washington DCUnited States187Oil and Gas
2112006-09-26Natural Gas as a Climate Change Solution: Breaking Down the Barriers to Methane's Expanding RoleBridge Marriott Hotel, Washington DCUnited States211Oil and Gas
2032006-09-20UNECE Workshop: Coal Mine and Coalbed Methane St. PetersburgRussia203Coal Mines
1912006-09-18Third International Conference on Biomass for EnergyKievUkraine191Agriculture, MSW
1922006-09-052006 WASTECON Biennial Conference & ExhibitionSomerset West, Cape TownSouth Africa192MSW
1932006-06-19International Conference Coal Mine Methane: Recovery, Utilization, Investment OpportunitiesKemerovoRussia193Coal Mines
2182006-05-22GMI Coal Subcommittee Meeting and the 2006 International Coal Bed Methane (CBM) SymposiumTuscaloosa, AlabamaUnited States218Coal Mines
2152006-05-12Landfill Subcommittee MeetingCologneGermany215MSW
1942006-05-10CARBON EXPO - Global Carbon Market Fair & ConferenceCologneGermany194Agriculture, Coal Mines, MSW, Oil and Gas, Steering
1952006-05-09ISWA Beacon Conference: Waste Treatment and Final DestinationExpo Center Norte - Yellow Pavillion, Sao PauloBrazil195Agriculture, Coal Mines, MSW, Oil and Gas, Steering
2102006-04-27Oil and Gas Subcommittee MeetingCamino Real Hotel, VillahermosaMexico210Oil and Gas
1962006-04-252006 AgSTAR National ConferenceMadison Concourse Hotel, Madison, WisconsinUnited States196Agriculture
2192006-04-25Oil and Natural Gas Technology Transfer Workshop and Plant TourCamino Real Hotel, VillahermosaMexico219Oil and Gas
1972006-03-28Carbon Markets AmericaPestana Rio Atlantica Hotel, Rio de JaneiroBrazil197Agriculture, Coal Mines, MSW, Oil and Gas
1982006-03-27SWANA's 29th Landfill Gas SymposiumHilton St. Petersburg, St. Petersburg FLUnited States198Agriculture, Coal Mines, MSW, Oil and Gas
1992006-03-22Latin American Carbon ForumQuitoEcuador199Agriculture, Coal Mines, MSW, Oil and Gas
2142006-03-09Landfill Gas to Energy WorkshopDelhiIndia214MSW
2002006-03-08Managing Nutrients and Biomass for a Sustainable Rural EconomyLondon Convention Center, London, OntarioCanada200Agriculture
2332005-12-02Coal Mines Methane to Markets Regional WorkshopBeijingChina233Coal Mines
2302005-10-06Colombia Oil and Gas Methane Emissions Reduction Workshop BogotColombia230Oil and Gas
2282005-09-14Russia Oil and Gas Methane Emissions Reduction WorkshopTomskRussia228Oil and Gas
2292005-09-14Oil and Gas Subcommittee MeetingTomskRussia229Oil and Gas
2272005-06-13Landfill Subcommittee MeetingPalace Hotel, TorquayUnited Kingdom227MSW
2052005-06-09Private Sector Outreach WorkshopWashington, DCUnited States205Agriculture, Coal Mines, MSW, Oil and Gas
2042005-05-31Landfill Methane to Markets WorkshopMoscowRussia204MSW
2262005-04-27Coal Mine Technical Subcommittee MeetingGenevaSwitzerland226Coal Mines
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Project Network

The Project Network is a growing community of private-sector entities, financial institutions, and other governmental and non-governmental organizations with an interest in methane abatement, recovery, and use projects. Visit the Coal sector Project Network member list to learn about the organizations that are critical to GMI's success.

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Three technical Subcommittees and a Steering Committee govern the work of GMI within industry sectors. The Coal sector Subcommittee list includes the names and roles of Co-Chairs and Partner Country delegates to the Subcommittee.

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