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Previous Cooperative Agreement Awards

2009 EPA M2M Grant: Coal Mine Methane (CMM) Recovery and Utilization Initiative In Guizhou Province, China

  Project Information
Stage Ongoing
Sector Ongoing
Geographical Focus China
Location China
Description of Project This proposed project builds on the progress generated by the Guizhou Coal Mine Methane (CMM) Recovery and Utilization Initiative. In addition to continuing information outreach services about CMM recovery and utilization developments in Guizhou, the project will lead a publishable prefeasibility study for two candidate coal mines (1 million tons/year and 300,000 tons/year) of utilization alternatives to power generation. The study will explore the potential for CMM utilized as town gas for a sizable city and CMM-to-LNG/CNG (liquid natural gas/compressed natural gas) to replace fuels for buses and taxis in Guizhou Province.
Instrumental Organizations Texas Transportation Institute, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Emissions reductions:
Results and Outcomes