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6th Waste Management & Waste to Energy Asia Summit 2019


25–27 September 2019

Location: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Organizer: Innovation Networking Brainstorm Connection (INBC) Global

Event Details:

The 6th Waste Management & Waste to Energy Asia Summit 2019  is aimed at industry professionals interested  in gaining knowledge and information about waste treatment, recycling, landfills, biological treatments, waste conversions, biomass energy, biogas, waste-to-energy power plants, and environmental issues. The conference concludes with a site visit to the Can Tho Waste-to-Energy Project. The Summit is co-organized with the 6th Biogas Biomass Energy Asia Summit 2019.

Main topics include: 
  • Municipal initiatives towards handling waste disposal volumes
  • MSW & biogas power generation practice and lessons learned in Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand 
  • Initiatives towards material recovery, waste sorting, and recycling
  • International developing trends and market changes in Asia and more

The preliminary event schedule is available at:

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Industry Sector: Biogas, Municipal Solid Waste

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