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12 May 2014

Name: Oil and Gas Subcommittee Meeting

Sector: Oil and Gas

Location: San Antonio, Texas, United States

Event Details:

During this Subcommittee Meeting, we discussed the following:

  • Administrative Support Group (ASG): The ASG provided an update of the following:
    • Upcoming Partnership-wide meeting
      • How can subcommittee support this meeting?
      • Ideas for general strategies to encourage attendance and participation in the meeting.
      • Strategic communications for promoting meeting, as well as GMI in general (to include attendance at key conferences).
      • Linkages to other Partnership programs.
    • GMI 10-year Anniversary report/video
  • Climate and Clean Air Coalition (CCAC): The U.S. Department of State provided an update on launch of the CCAC Oil and Gas Methane Partnership which was developed through a year-long consultation with a variety of oil and gas companies, and several key CCAC partners.
  • Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Action (NAMA): We discussed why NAMAs are important and how companies are using NAMAs to inform policy discussions and accessing the financial assistance that industrialized countries have mobilized.
  • Finalized the Oil and Gas Statement of Purpose: Collectively, we reviewed and adopted the Statement of Purpose.

Minutes: View the final agenda and minutes (PDF, 9 pp, 125 KB)


Organized By:
The Global Methane Initiative (GMI)

Henry Ferland

Allison Berkowitz