Coal Proceedings

Coal Subcommittee Meeting

Final Subcommittee Meeting Minutes (PDF, 18 pp, 147 KB)

Welcome Addresses

Co-Chair Felicia Ruiz (United States), Co-Chair Huang Shengchu (China), and Co-Chair A.K. Debnath (India)

  • Brief introduction of all meeting participants
  • Adoption of agenda

Policy Session

Moderator: Clark Talkington, Advanced Resources International

Partner Country and Project Network Updates

Country Updates:

Project Network Updates:

  • Brief updates on activities and new developments in 2013

Action Items for the Year

Co-Chair Felicia Ruiz (United States)

  • Coal Subcommittee Action Plan
  • Country-specific Coal Action Plans
  • Updates to the CMM Technology Database
  • International CMM Project Database
  • Other

Summary of Action Items Discussed at this Meeting

Subcommittee Co-Chairs

  • Meeting action items
  • Specific tasks participants agree to accomplish and report on by next meeting
  • Next subcommittee meeting (potential dates and agenda topics)
  • Announcements about upcoming coal-related conference/workshops

Coal Technical Sessions

(Note: links not provided for presentations that did not have supporting slides)

Finance Session: Carbon Markets, Incentives and Funding Sources

Moderator: Michael Coté, Ruby Canyon Engineering

Energizing the Electricity Market for Methane

Meredydd Evans, Joint Global Change Research Institute, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PDF, 27 pp, 539 KB)

CMM Utilization Business Models after the Kyoto Protocol

Boni Jiang, Guizhou International Cooperation Center for Environmental Protection (PDF, 18 pp, 346 KB)

VAMOX® Projects at Walter Energy's U.S. Coal Mines

Raphaël Bruneau, Biothermica Technologies (PDF, 32 pp, 3.54 MB)

Directional CBM Drillings Ahead of Mining - New Chance for Reduction of CMM Emissions in Poland

Jacek Skiba, Central Mining Institute of Poland (PDF, 31 pp, 3.49 MB)

Power and Heat Cogeneration to Utilize Coal Mine Methane in Ukraine

Artur Ghazaryan, Green Way 2020 (PDF, 18 pp, 1.51 MB)

Methane in Abandoned Coal Mines in China - An Unexploited Resource

Ronald Collings, Ruby Canyon Engineering (PDF, 29 pp, 1.86 MB)

Current Status, Issues and Prospects of CMM Recovery and Utilization in Henan Province, China

Wang Sipeng, Safety Administration of ZhengZhou Coal Industry (Group) Co. Ltd. (PDF, 17 pp, 1.56 MB)

Technology Session: Innovation and Adaptation of Technology for Cost-Effective VAM Abatement

Moderator: Dr. Hua Guo, CSIRO Advanced Coal Technology

Long-Term Experience of VAM Processing

Michael Hager, MEGTEC (PDF, 25 pp, 4.28 MB)

Preliminary Deflagration and Venting Study for VAM RAB®

J. A. Hamilton, Corky's Sustainable Energy (PDF, 19 pp, 2.52 MB)

Development and Site Trials of a 25kWe VAM Catalytic Combustion GasTurbine Prototype Unit

Shi Su, CSIRO Earth Science and Resource Engineering

Development of a 'Design Assurance Process' and the First Safe Direct Coupling of a Commercial Scale RTO to a Working Coal Mine Ventilation Fan

D.J. Cork, Corky's Sustainable Energy (PDF, 29 pp, 2.33 MB)

Best Practices Session: Safe and Effective Capture of CMM and VAM

Moderator: Dr. David Creedy, Sindicatum Climate Change Foundation

Coal Mine Safety Project - Mei Kuang An Quan

Dr. David Creedy, Sindicatum Climate Change Foundation (PDF, 22 pp, 3.11 MB)

Methane Gas Drainage in Khe Cham Coal Mine and Forecast of Developing Potential of Gas Drainage at Underground Coal Mines in Quang Ninh Coal Basin Vietnam

Mr. Le Trung Tuyen, Vinacomin - Institute of Mining Science and Technology (PDF, 23 pp, 2.62 MB)

Preliminary Assessment of Methane Recovery from Sealed Off Areas of Moonidih Mine, India

B.K. Prusty, Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, India (PDF, 25 pp, 1.27 MB)

Integrated Coal Production and Methane Extraction

Dr. Hua Guo, CSIRO Advanced Coal Technology

Panel Discussion: Technical Session Chairs and Delegate Participation