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Who Attended?

The Expo Provided Participants with Opportunities to:

  • Showcase methane mitigation projects and technologies
  • Learn about the latest methane mitigation projects and technologies
  • Meet with potential project partners and financiers
  • Explore key technical, financial, and policy issues
  • Interact with high-level government agencies from 30 countries

Who Attended?

Project Developers and Financiers:

Identified and explored project opportunities with government and industry partners. The Expo showcased international financing and projects seeking development partners.

Policymakers, Project Developers, and Government Representatives:

High-level national delegations participated in policy discussions. Helped develop next steps for the Partnership and guided advancement of country-based policies and projects.

Manufacturers and Vendors:

Participated in an international marketplace with a methane focus. Demonstrated and marketed the latest methane recovery and use technologies and services in large exhibit areas.

Industry Representatives:

Interacted and discussed projects with technology vendors and developers. Learned about options for implementing methane capture and re-use projects.