The Global Methane Challenge was an international campaign to catalyze ambitious action around the world to reduce methane emissions and highlight policies and technologies being used to recover and use methane. The Global Methane Challenge was open to all public- and private-sector organizations interested in showcasing their actions to address methane emissions.

Global Leaders in Methane Mitigation

Why methane?
  • Methane is a powerful greenhouse gas, and emissions are on the rise
  • Methane is a short-lived climate pollutant, so reductions made now can have significant short-term benefits
  • Cost-effective technologies to capture and use methane are widely available today

Since 2019, more than 70 organizations joined the Global Methane Challenge, highlighting their significant contributions around the world to reduce methane emissions and inspiring others to take action. Participants from the public and private sectors, working across more than 23 countries, shared their stories of methane reduction policies, technologies, projects and research in the biogas, oil and gas, and coal mine sectors.

Recognizing Challenge Participants

This video features an overview of the Challenge and highlights several stories. A full list of Challenge participants is presented at the end of the video.