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The Challenge 

The Global Methane Challenge is your chance to tell the world what you are doing to reduce methane emissions. Whether you are ready to make a new commitment or want to highlight an ongoing effort, we want to showcase it here.

Why methane?

  • Methane is a powerful greenhouse gas, and emissions are on the rise
  • Methane is a short-lived climate pollutant, so reductions made now can have significant short-term benefits
  • Cost-effective technologies to capture and use methane are widely available today

Here are some ideas for how you can participate:

  • Monitor methane emissions and create an emissions inventory.

  • Develop an action plan for reducing emissions in one or more sectors.

  • Provide technical or financial support to a methane mitigation project.

  • Educate the public about methane emissions and abatement opportunities.

  • Showcase a methane mitigation project or technology.

For additional ideas for specific sectors, click here . You can also download the GMC Fact Sheet

 Action Map 

Click on the map to learn more about how actors around the world are participating in the Global Methane Challenge.


Click on the photos to learn more about the methane mitigation activities taking place in different industry sectors around the world.

Oil & Gas Actions

Biogas Actions

  • Subnational Actions
  • Coal Actions

    Tell your story

    Get featured in the Challenge showcase by reaching out with your story.

    Submitting your details takes you to an online form where you can provide more information about your GMC action.