2006 EPA M2M Grant: Feasibility Assessments for Methane Recovery and Utilization at Four Korean Landfills

Geographical Focus
Republic of Korea
Specific Landfill Names: Chuncheon, Gangneung, Jinju 
Description of Project
Feasibility studies on 3 landfills in Korea were completed in May 2008. 
Partner Countries included in or proposing this activity
Republic of Korea, United States
Instrumental Organizations
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Korea District Heating Corporation (KDHC)
Estimated lifetime of the project (years):
Emissions reductions:
Results and Outcomes
The overall objective of this project is to reduce methane emissions and to maximize energy recovery from existing landfills in Korea. Feasibility studies allow for assessing the energy potential/ methane reductions of from a given landfill. Feasibility studies can lead to landfill gas to energy project development. Landfill gas to energy projects both reduce methane, a greenhouse gas, and have positive impacts on local air quality.  
Additional Documentation
ChuncheonLF_6May2008.pdf (PDF)
GangneungLF_6May2008.pdf (PDF)
JinjuLF_6May2008.pdf (PDF)
Primary contact for this project or activity

First Name: Chung

Last Name: Jao-hoon

Organization Name: Korea District Heating Corporation (KDHC)

Email: seoul@kdhc.co.kr

Financial And In-Kind Support (U.S. $)
Total Amount provided by all Partner Countries and Organizations instrumental to this project or activity: 80000


Description of In-Kind Support: