2006 EPA M2M Grant: Actions for replication of biodigester systems in the Lerma-Chapala Region

Geographical Focus
The Lerma-Chapala Region of Mexico 
Description of Project
This project is the addition of 3-4 biodigesters in small-medium sized farms in the Lerma-Chapala region to the USAID and EPA projects already in existence.  
Partner Countries included in or proposing this activity
Mexico, United States
Instrumental Organizations
Secretariat de Medio Ambiente y Recursos Naturales (SEMARNAT)
Estimated lifetime of the project (years):
Emissions reductions:
Results and Outcomes
This project will create 3-4 biodigesters in small-medium sized farms in the Lerma-Chapala region. These biodigesters will create a critical mass of projects that will provide visibility and numerous case studies that can be used to promote the benefits of technology and project replication in the region. 
Additional Documentation
Primary contact for this project or activity

First Name: Roberto

Last Name: Remes Tello de Menese

Organization Name: SEMARNAT

Email: roberto.remes@semarnat.gob.mex

Financial And In-Kind Support (U.S. $)
Total Amount provided by all Partner Countries and Organizations instrumental to this project or activity: 190,000 (180,000- EPA; 10,000- matching funds)


Description of In-Kind Support: