2008 EPA M2M GRANT: Landfill Gas Energy Recovery Utilization Feasibility Study in China

Geographical Focus
Bei Hai City, Guang Xi Autonomous Region/Ji Mo City, Shan Dong Province/ Zhan Jiang City, Guang Dong Province  
Description of Project
This grant was awarded in order to conduct three landfill gas feasibility studies at Bei Hai City, in the Guang Xi Autonomous Region, Ji Mo City in the Shan Dong Province and Zhan Jiang City in the Guang Dong Province of China. 
Partner Countries included in or proposing this activity
China, United States
Instrumental Organizations
Environmental Sanitation Engineering Tech Research Center-China
Estimated lifetime of the project (years):
Emissions reductions:
Results and Outcomes
This project supports 3 landfill gas feasibility studies. The objective of this project is to evaluate the potential to reduce methane emissions and maximize energy recovery from three landfills in China. This will be accomplished by conducting feasibility studies to evaluate their rate of landfill gas generation. An evaluation of gas use options will also be performed to select the best LFG energy recovery methods 
Additional Documentation
BeiHai LFG Assessment (PDF)
Lingshan LFG Assessment (PDF)
Zhanjiang LFG Assessment (PDF)
Primary contact for this project or activity

First Name: Xu

Last Name: Haiyun

Organization Name: Environmental Sanitation Engineering Tech Research

Email: XuHaiyun@263.net

Financial And In-Kind Support (U.S. $)
Total Amount provided by all Partner Countries and Organizations instrumental to this project or activity: $175,000


Description of In-Kind Support: