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Wastewater Sector Members (84)

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Organization Name Type of Organization Areas Of Interest
100-First Zero Waste and Organic Cycle Organization (100-NGO)NGO
3WEPrivate SectorAfrica, Europe
Abbott Energy & Environment Consulting, Inc.Private SectorPakistan
AGAMA BiogasPrivate SectorAfrica
AgE Tecnologias Meio Ambiente, Saneam. & AmbiênciaPrivate SectorBrazil
Alterna VerdePrivate SectorAsia, Philippines
Animal Science Research Institute of IranResearchPartnership-wide
ARC Technologies CorporationOtherPartnership-wide, North America
Argonne National LaboratoryResearchUnited States
Association des Ong de l'Environnement (AOE)NGOAfrica
Bio Organics Group Pty LtdPrivate SectorPartnership-wide, Africa, Asia, Australia/Oceania, Middle East, Australia, China, India, Japan, Mongolia, Thailand, United States, Vietnam
Biosteris Specialties, Ltd.Private SectorAfrica
Bluefield Technology, Ltd.Private Sector
Byo-GonPrivate SectorPartnership-wide, United States
Caterpillar, Inc.Private SectorSouth America, Argentina, Colombia, India, Mexico, United States
Combustion Research Associates (CRA)Private SectorPartnership-wide, Asia
Dehsabz-Barikab City Development Authority (DCDA)Government
Eastern Research Group, Inc. (ERG)ContractorPartnership-wide, United States
ECOTECPrivate SectorPartnership-wide
EKI Energy Services LimitedPrivate SectorAsia, India
EkoTech Energy LLCPrivate SectorPartnership-wide
EnEffect-Center for Energy EfficiencyNGOEurope, Bulgaria
Energy VisionNGO
EnerPro BiogasPrivate SectorPartnership-wide, Africa, Europe, South America, Colombia, France
Enersus MexicoPrivate SectorPartnership-wide, Latin America, Mexico
Environment Depot for Wasterwater to Energy Ltd.Private SectorPartnership-wide
EWS LLCPrivate SectorPartnership-wide
EXeidea Ltd.Private SectorPartnership-wide, Asia
Finnish Biogas AssociationOtherPartnership-wide
FirmGreen, Inc.Private SectorPartnership-wide, United States
Foundation for Research and Sustainable Development (FRSD)NGOPartnership-wide, Asia, India
Fundacion EntornoOtherPartnership-wide, Asia, Colombia
Gas Separation Technology LLCPrivate SectorAfrica, Asia, Australia/Oceania, Europe, North America, South America
GEA Engineering, P.C.Private SectorPartnership-wide, Europe, North America, South America, India, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, United States
GENERONPrivate SectorPartnership-wide
Geo Cost Management (GCM), LLCPrivate SectorAsia, North America, South America, Brazil, Canada, China, Colombia, India, Nicaragua, Philippines
Geoprecision - Geotenologias & AgronegócioPrivate SectorPartnership-wide, South America, Brazil
GoHz Power Supply, Inc.Private SectorPartnership-wide, North America
Green Concepts AssociatesPrivate SectorPartnership-wide, Europe, United Kingdom
Green Group MexicoPrivate SectorPartnership-wide, North America, Mexico, United States
Greennovative Chain LLCPrivate SectorAfrica, Asia, North America, South America, Brazil, China, India, Mexico, Nigeria, Philippines, United States
Greentech Avenue Inc.Private SectorPartnership-wide
Guizhou International Cooperation Center for Environmental Protection (GZICCEP)OtherPartnership-wide, Asia, China
Gulf Coast Environmental Systems LLCPrivate SectorPartnership-wide
Gulf Coast Green EnergyPrivate SectorPartnership-wide
Hanoi University of Science and TechnologyUniversityAsia, Vietnam
Horn Africa Center for Research and Development (HACRED)NGOAfrica
IL&FS Environmental Infrastructure & Services Ltd.Private SectorPartnership-wide, Asia, India
India Department of Environmental TechnologyResearchIndia
Indian Green Service (IGS)Private SectorPartnership-wide, Asia, India
Ingeneria Integrada ApropriadaPrivate SectorSouth America, Colombia, Ecuador, Nicaragua
Ingenieria Aplicada Telecomunicaciones (I+A)Private SectorPartnership-wide, Latin America, South America
International Met (Intermet) SystemsPrivate SectorPartnership-wide, North America
Istanbul Technical University (ITU)UniversityTurkey
Kassinga (W.A.), Inc.Financial InstitutionAfrica, Nigeria
Kimley-HornPrivate SectorPartnership-wide
Lars Enviro Pvt. Ltd.Private SectorAsia, Australia/Oceania, Middle East, India
National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners (NARUC)OtherPartnership-wide
New Energy Capital InvestFinancial InstitutionPartnership-wide, Austria
Novena UniversityUniversityAfrica, Nigeria
Ontario Clean Water Agency (OCWA)Government
Pan African Vision for the Environment(PAVE)OtherNigeria
Petroland Nigeria LimitedPrivate SectorNigeria
Petrolinvest DDPrivate SectorPartnership-wide
PlanIt Green Sustainable Energy Development, LLCPrivate SectorPartnership-wide
Rural Development OrganizationOtherIndia
SCS EngineersContractorPartnership-wide, North America, United States
Shreyans Energy Private LimitedPrivate SectorPartnership-wide, Asia, India
Sustainable Alternatives (Pvt) LtdPrivate SectorPartnership-wide, Asia
Tetra Tech, Inc.ContractorPartnership-wide
Thai Biogas Energy CompanyPrivate Sector
The Aerospace CorporationPrivate SectorPartnership-wide, North America
The Oikos Trust for Env. Management (TOTEM)OtherIndia
Trans-Atlantic Environmental, Inc. (TAE)NGOPartnership-wide, Africa
University of Port Harcourt, NigeriaUniversityPartnership-wide, Africa, Nigeria
University of SantanderUniversityPartnership-wide, South America
University of South FloridaResearchPartnership-wide, South America
Vireo EnergyPrivate SectorAfrica, Asia, Australia/Oceania, Europe, Latin America, Middle East, North America, South America, United States
Virgin Botanicals LtdResearchPartnership-wide, Africa
W. R. Henderson Construction, Inc.Private SectorPartnership-wide
WasteCare AssociatesPrivate Sector
Wastepro LimitedPrivate Sector
Water Environment Foundation (WEF)AssociationPartnership-wide, United States
World Alliance for Decentralized EnergyOtherPartnership-wide, United States
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