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The Republic of Serbia has numerous opportunities for methane capture and use projects from landfills. In 2010, Serbia adopted its Strategy for Waste Management for the period 2010-2019 to improve solid waste collection and create new regional landfills that comply with EU standards. Several Serbian landfills have already been identified as potential candidates for using landfill gas to produce electricity and thermal energy, which will be used for heating nearby apartments.

Republika Srbija ima mnogobrojne mogucnosti za sakupljanje i korištenje metana sa deponija. 2010. godine usvojena je Strategija upravljanja otpadom za period 2010 - 2019. godine, sa ciljem unapređenja sistema za sakupljanje otpada i izgradnju novih regionalnih deponija koje zadovoljavaju standarde Evropske Unije. Identifikovano je nekoliko deponija u Srbiji koje mogu biti potencionalni kandidati za korišcenje gasa koji se proizvodi iz otpada, kako bi se proizvela struja i toplotna energija koja ce se koristiti za zagrejavanje obližnjih stanova.

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Methane Sites

The map shows completed and potential methane abatement, recovery, or use projects.

  • Use the check boxes to determine which sites to display on the map.
    • GMI sites are facilities at which methane abatement, recovery, and/or use projects have been identified or completed.
    • Non-GMI sites identify potential or existing projects that are not supported by the GMI.
  • Click a cluster of sites (i.e., numbered circles) to zoom to a region.
  • Click an individual site to view a summary.
  • For more site details click on the highlighted link.

Note: The placement of map icons is approximate, so the zoom-in feature is limited to avoid misrepresentations. Please contact us us if you have more accurate information about the location of a project or site.

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