News and Events

27 April 2006

Name: Oil and Gas Subcommittee Meeting

Sector: Oil and Gas

Location: Camino Real Hotel, Villahermosa, Mexico

Event Details: The Methane to Markets Oil and Gas Subcommittee meeting was held on 27 April 2006 in conjunction with the Oil and Gas Technology Transfer Workshop (25-26 April 2006).

Hosted by: Pemex

Agenda: View the agenda (PDF, 2 pp, 139KB)

Methane to Markets Partnership Update and Review of Meeting Goals (PDF, 2 pp, 139 KB)

Presentation of Country Goals (short- medium- and long-term):
India (PDF, 9 pp, 303 KB)
Italy (PDF, 3 pp, 31 KB)
• Mexico: Part 1 (PDF, 2 pp, 29 KB) & Part 2 (PDF, 6 pp, 93 KB)
United Kingdom (PDF, 6 pp, 61 KB)
United States (PDF, 6 pp, 79 KB)
PEMEX Presentation (PDF, 10 pp, 821 KB)