News and Events

01 December 2008

Name: UNFCCC 14th Conference of the Parties (COP)

Sector: Agriculture, Coal Mines, Municipal Solid Waste, Oil and Gas, Steering

Location: Pozan, Poland

Event Details: COP-14 was a crucial step on the way to determining the post-2012 international climate regime as well as providing a common understanding of the financial and technical tools that are the essential for the global fight of climate change in both rich and developing countries. Methane to Markets had its first ever side event session on December 12th from 6-7:30 p.m., which was being hosted by the Government of Poland. In addition, M2M was featured at another side event session on short term mitigation measures on December 8th, and the M2M booth was on display.

Agenda: View Final Agenda (PDF, 31KB)

Welcoming Remarks
Zbigniew Kamienski, Ministry of Economy, Poland

Introduction to History and Structure of M2M (PDF, 444KB)
Ashley King, Co-Director, M2M Administrative Support Group

Partner Government Panel
Poland (PDF, 171KB)
Zbigniew Kamienski, Ministry of Economy, Poland

Mexico (PDF, 965KB)
Undersecretary Sandra Herrera-Flores, SEMARNAT

United States (PDF, 352KB)
Paul Gunning, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Project Network Panel
Richard Mattus, MEGTECH (PDF, 962KB)

Piotr Klimek, Oil & Gas Institute (PDF, 89KB)

Josilene Ferrer, Sao Paolo State Environmental Protection Agency (CETESB) (PDF, 2.1MB)