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02 July 2012

Name: Agriculture, Municipal Solid Waste, and Municipal Wastewater Subcommittee Meetings

Sector: Agriculture, Municipal Solid Waste, Wastewater

Location: Sands Expo and Convention Center, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Event Details: The Agriculture, Landfill, and Wastewater sectors will be hosting their Subcommittee Meetings in conjunctions with the WasteMET Asia – ISWA Beacon Conference Exiting Methane to Markets, The World Cities Summit Exiting Methane to Markets, and Singapore International Water Week Exiting Methane to Markets at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore.

Each day will begin with plenary/cross-sector sessions for all attendees, followed by sector-specific meetings later in the day.

Agenda: View the final agenda (PDF, 5 pp, 83 KB).

Minutes: View the final minutes (PDF, 45 pp, 285 KB).


ASG Update (PDF, 13 pp, 814 KB)
Update on Climate and Clean Air Coalition (CCAC) (PDF, 14 pp, 486 KB)

Municipal Solid Waste:
New Subcommittee Tools (PDF, 1 pp, 47 KB)
MSW as a Forum for NAMA Development: Examples from Colombia (PDF, 10 pp, 230 KB)

Partner Country Updates
China (PDF, 33 pp, 1.3 MB)
Colombia (PDF, 7 pp, 249 KB)
Ethiopia (PDF, 12 pp, 715 KB)
Indonesia (PDF, 10 pp, 783 KB)
Pakistan (PDF, 8 pp, 96 KB)
Peru (PDF, 3 pp, 66 KB)
Philippines (PDF, 14 pp, 1.1 MB)
• Poland
   • Landfill Gas to Energy Projects in Poland Update (PDF, 8 pp, 98 KB)
   • Municipal Waste Management in Poland (PDF, 7 pp, 93 KB)
Sri Lanka (PDF, 13 pp, 901 KB)
United States (PDF, 9 pp, 1 MB)

Welcome and Introduction (PDF, 11 pp, 117 KB)

Partner Country Updates
Colombia (PDF, 6 pp, 85 KB)
Dominican Republic (PDF, 13 pp, 233 KB)
Finland (PDF, 8 pp, 640 KB)
Ghana (PDF, 8 pp, 92 KB)
Indonesia (PDF, 24 pp, 2.1 MB)
Japan (PDF, 11 pp, 1.2 MB)
Mexico (PDF, 21 pp, 551 KB)
Turkey (PDF, 11 pp, 222 KB)

Statement of Purpose (PDF, 8 pp, 64 KB)

Partner Country Updates
Argentina (PDF, 43 pp, 10 MB)
Ethiopia (PDF, 10 pp, 431 KB)
India (PDF, 5 pp, 60 MB)
Philippines (PDF, 9 pp, 365 KB)
Thailand (PDF, 11 pp, 406 KB)
United States (PDF, 6 pp, 149 KB)