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06 October 2006

Name: Coal Mine Subcommittee Meeting

Sector: Coal Mines

Location: Marriott Brisbane, 515 Queen Street, Brisbane, Australia

Event Details:

Sponsored by: USA, Australia, and Japan

Agenda: View the agenda (PDF, 1 pp, 65 KB)

Meeting Minutes: Final Meeting Minutes (PDF, 25 pp, 494 KB)

Partnership Expo Update Erin Birgfeld (PDF, 13 pp, 140 KB)
The International Coal Mine Methane Recovery and Utilization Project Database Pamela Franklin (PDF, 10 pp, 600 KB)

Country Reports:
India (PDF, 15 pp, 325 KB)
Russia (PDF, 20 pp, 877 KB)
South Africa (PDF, 14 pp, 184 KB)