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14 May 2007

Name: Strategies and Challenges to Implement Anaerobic Digestion Systems

Sector: Agriculture

Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Event Details:

On 14-15 May 2007, the Instituto Nacional de Tecnología Agropecuaria (INTA) of Argentina, along with other Argentinean agencies, hosted a workshop under the auspices of the Methane to Markets Partnership (M2M). An international line-up of delegates came together for collaborative discussions about agricultural methane capture and use projects worldwide. The workshop explored technical, information and market barriers and ways to overcome these in order to deliver successful anaerobic digestion (AD) projects through new markets.

This workshop was held in conjunction with the M2M Agriculture Subcommittee meeting on 16 May 2007.

Hosted By: Instituto Nacional de Tecnología Agropecuaria (INTA)
Secretaría de Ambiente y Desarrollo Sustentable (SADyS)
Secretaría de Agricultura, Ganadería, Pesca y Alimentos (SAGPyA)
Secretaría de Ciencia y Tecnica (SECyT)
Instituto Nacional de Tecnología Industrial (INTI)

Agenda: View the Final Workshop Agenda (DOC, 3 pp, 1.2MB)

Methane to Markets Partnership Agriculture Subcommittee Overview (PDF, 14 pp, 322 KB)
Jeremy Eppel, Defra, and Ing. Jorge Hilbert, INTA

Argentina's Poultry Sector (El Sector Productor de Huevos en la Republica Argentina) (PDF, 18 pp, 292 KB) Available in Spanish only
Ing. Agr. Jorge E. Nazar, Presidente, Cámara Argentina de Productores Avícolas (CAPIA)

Argentina's Pig Sector (Problemática y perspectivas del Sector de la Producción Porcina) (PDF, 24 pp, 821 KB) Available in Spanish only
Méd. Vet. Patricia Millares, Dirección de Ganadería Área Porcinos, SAGPyA

Argentina's Dairy Cattle Sector (Impacto Ambiental de la Producción Lechera Argentina) (PDF, 15 pp, 913 KB) Available in Spanish only
Ing. Verónica Charlon, INTA - EEA Rafaela

AD - Argentina's Regulatory Perspective (Residuos Agropecuarios Aspectos Legales Para Su Tratamiento y Disposición) (PDF, 14 pp, 81 KB) Available in Spanish only
Ing. Luis A. de Tullio, INTI

AD - UK Experience (PDF, 15 pp, 150 KB)
Jeremy Eppel, Deputy Director, Farming for the Future Programme, Defra.

AD - Canada Experience (PDF, 14 pp, 469 KB)
Carlos Monreal, Research Scientist/Science Advisor, Environmental Health, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

• See also Micrometeorological Measurement of Methane Emissions from Manure Management Systems and Fugitive Emissions from Biodigesters (PDF, 16 pp, 429 KB)
Raymond Desjardins, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

AD - United States Experience (PDF, 23 pp, 1.5 MB)
Kurt Roos, AgSTAR Program Manager, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Development and Applications of AD in Uruguay (Desarrollo y Aplicaciones de la Digestión Anaerobic en Uruguay) (PDF, 24 pp, 1 MB) Available in Spanish only
Ing.Quím.Mauricio Passeggi (MSc), University of Republic

Biogas and Fertilizer Production in Chile (Producción de biogas y bioabonos en Chile) (PDF, 29 pp, 578 KB) Available in Spanish only
Maria Teresa Varnero Moreno, Departmento de Ingenieria y Suelos, Universidad de Chile

Mexico's Methane to Markets Initiative (Iniciativa de Metano a Mercados (M2M) en México) (PDF, 20 pp, 403 KB) Available in Spanish only
Mark Oven, PA Consulting Group

Waste Treatment in Poultry Sector: Kruguer Case Study (Sistemas Productivos Integrados: El Caso KRUGUER) (PDF, 39 pp, 2.5 MB) Available in Spanish only
Marcos F. Daziano, Programa de Agronegocios y Alimentos, Facultad de Agronomía, Universidad de Buenos Aires

Integration of AD in Producers System (Integración de la digestión anaerobia en sistema de los productores) (PDF, 38 pp, 1.6 MB) Available in Spanish only
Alejandro Lopez, Adecoagro

Capacities of the National Univeristy of Litoral (Capacidades de la Universidad Nacional del Litoral) (PDF, 90 pp, 5.7 MB) Available in Spanish only
Ing. Eduardo Gropelli, National University of Litoral

Capacities of INTI (Capacidades del INTI) (PDF, 14 pp, 231 KB) Available in Spanish only
Mario Ogara, INTI

Capacities of INTA (Capacidades del INTA) (PDF, 16 pp, 948 KB) Available in Spanish only
Ing. Agr. Diana C. Crespo, Instituto de Microbiología y Zoología Agrícola (IMYZA), INTA

Clean Development Mechanism/Argentinean Carbon Fund (Mecanismo para un Desarrollo Limpio) (PDF, 23 pp, 1.1 MB) Available in Spanish only
Francisco Ocampo, SADyS

Private Sector Financing (Alternativas de financiamiento local) (PDF, 18 pp, 184 KB) Available in Spanish only
Lic. Carlos Ramponi, Unidad de Financiamiento Agropecuario, SAGPyA

Opportunities at the International Level (PDF, 21 pp, 336 KB)
Zarina Azizova and Roberto Aiello, World Bank Carbon Finance Unit

INTA Introduction (Presentación de la Institución) (PDF, 6 pp, 237 KB) Available in Spanish only
Jorge Hilbert, INTA

National Experience in AD (Proyecto de Metanizacion de los Residuos Organicos) (PDF, 45 pp, 3.4 MB) Available in Spanish only
Ing. Eduardo Gropelli, National University of Litoral

Financial Program of Technical and Science Secretary (Financiamiento para la Innovación, la Ciencia y la Tecnología) (PDF, 23 pp, 141 KB) Available in Spanish Only
Lic. Martin Alba, SECyT