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31 May 2005

Name: Landfill Methane to Markets Workshop

Sector: Municipal Solid Waste

Location: Moscow, Russia

Event Details: This two-day workshop focused on the basics of landfill design and operations, landfill biogas collection, treatment and processing, project economics and financing, and cost-effective technologies and techniques to beneficially use methane from Russian landfills. Attendees included landfill owners, governmental officials, and private sector representatives from Russia, Ukraine and other countries in the region. This workshop was conducted with simultaneous Russian and English translation.

Hosted by: Russian Federal Agency on Science and Innovations, International Solid Waste Association Working Group for Sanitary Landfills, and the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

For More Information: Contact Chris Voell, EPA Landfill Methane Outreach Program, 202-343-9406.