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29 November 2006

Name: Anaerobic Digestion in Agriculture: Policies and Markets for Growth

Sector: Agriculture

Location: Kindersly Centre Berkshire, United Kingdom

Event Details: On 29-30 November 2006 the UK's Department for Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs (Defra) hosted a workshop under the auspices of the Methane to Markets Partnership (M2M). An international line-up of delegates came together for collaborative discussions about agricultural methane capture and use projects worldwide. The workshop explored technical, information and market barriers and ways to overcome these in order to deliver successful anaerobic digestion projects through new markets.

Hosted By: Department of Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs, UK (DEFRA)

This workshop was held in conjunction with the M2M Agriculture Subcommittee meeting on 1 December 2006.

Agenda: View the agenda (MS Word, 2 pp, 540 KB)

AD - a New Opportunity for Agriculture (PDF, 19 pp, 5.2 MB)
Sir Ben Gill, Hawkhills Consultancy Ltd. UK

AD in Agriculture - a Global Perspective (PDF, 25 pp, 2.4 MB)
Kurt Roos, AgStar Program Manager, Environmental Protection Agency USA

AD - a Chinese Perspective (PDF, 17 pp, 9.3 MB)
Jingming Li, Director, Division of Energy, Ecology and Environment Center for Science and Technology Development, Ministry of Agriculture China

AD and Environment: a Win-Win (PDF, 18 pp, 6.3 MB)
Jeremy Woods, Research Fellow in Energy, ICEPT, Imperial College London and Director, Themba Technology Ltd. UK

The International Policy Framework - Creating New Opportunities for AD (PDF, 16 pp, 4.6 MB)
Nasrine Amzour, Global Carbon Markets Team, Defra UK

Dry AD Systems: A UK - Swiss Perspective (PDF, 16 pp, 5.3 MB)
Robin Szmidt, Director, Active Compost Ltd. and KompoGas AG Switzerland

Financing AD Projects (PDF, 17 pp, 12.4 MB)
Stefan Reininger, REEEP Partnership Austria

Making AD work in the United Kingdom (PDF, 18 pp, 9.2 MB)
Michael Chesshire, Managing Director, Greenfinch Ltd.UK

Sheepdrove Farm plans for making AD work using poultry wastes (PDF, 14 pp., 6.8 MB)
Mike Gooding, General Manager, Sheepdrove Organic Farm UK

AD in Argentina (PDF, 51 pp, 12.9 MB)
Jorge Hilbert, Director, Institute of Rural Engineering, INTA Argentina

AD in Germany (PDF, 21 pp, 1.5 MB)
Michael Köttner, Managing Director of the German Biogas and Bioenergy Society (GERBIO) Germany

Water Industry Opportunities (PDF, 19 pp, 4.8 MB)
Manocher Asaadi, Technical Lead, RWE Thames Water UK

Mixed Waste Opportunities in AD in Canada (PDF, 16 pp, 4.8 MB)
Carlos Monreal, Science Adviser, Energy and Environment Research Planning and Coordination Directorate, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

Food Waste Opportunities (PDF, 25 pp, 8.9 MB)
Jake Prior, Operations Director, AnDigestion Ltd. UK

Markets, Drivers and Outlets - an International Perspective (PDF, 15 pp, 5.2 MB)
Kelsi Bracmort, Agricultural Engineer, Department of Agriculture USA

Making it work - The Farmer's Perspective (PDF, 20 pp, 5.9 MB)
Andrew Needham, Managing Director, Bedfordia Biogas Ltd. UK

Developing New Markets: India (PDF, 24 pp, 7.8 MB)
V.V.N. Kishore, Senior Fellow, TERI, New Delhi India

Developing New Markets: Scandinavia (PDF, 22 pp, 6.1 MB)
Staffan Lindberg, Business Unit Manager, Citec Engineering Oy Ab Finland