News and Events

27 January 2009

Name: Agriculture Subcommittee Meeting

Sector: Agriculture

Location: Monterrey, Mexico

Event Details:

Final Meeting Minutes (PDF, 21 pp, 137 KB)
• Welcome
Agriculture Subcommittee Co-Chairs Jeremy Eppel (U.K.) and Jorge Hilbert (Argentina)
> Brief Introduction of Meeting Participants
> Review Minutes from the May 2008 Subcommittee Meeting
> Review of Meeting Goals, and Adoption of Agenda

• Country Updates
> Argentina (PDF, 16 pp, 2.3 MB)
> Canada (PDF, 1 pp, 14 KB)
> Mexico (PDF, 9 pp, 147 KB)
> Philippines (PDF, 9 pp, 510 KB)
> Thailand (PDF, 34 pp, 781 KB)
> United Kingdom (PDF, 9 pp, 36 KB)
> Vietnam (PDF, 19 pp, 769 KB)

Agricultural Sources of Methane Beyond Manure: Enteric Fermentation, Rice Cultivation (PDF, 22 pp, 140 KB)
Subcommittee Co-Chairs/Administrative Support Group (ASG)
> Discussion of ASG research
> Review of Steering Committee decision

International Protocol for Anaerobic Digestion (PDF, 14 pp, 100 KB)
> Short presentation and overview of the purpose of the Protocol
> Status of Protocol Development
> Discussion of proposed international protocol and next steps

Anaerobic Digestion Systems Leakage Rate Methodology Improvement (PDF, 10 pp, 92 KB)

• Partnership Expo Discussion
> Goals of Partnership Expo
> Discussion of what worked and what did not for Agriculture sector at Beijing Expo
> Target companies and individuals of interest that the Subcommittee should reach out to
> Discussion of draft technical program
> Discussion of technologies and projects to showcase

• Administrative Issues
Subcommittee Co-Chairs
> Next meeting
> Updates to Subcommittee rosters

• Summary of Action Items Discussed at this Meeting
> Meeting action items
> Specific tasks that meeting participants agree to accomplish and report on at the next meeting
> Discussion of possible agenda topics for the next Subcommittee meeting