News and Events

27 April 2005

Name: Coal Mine Technical Subcommittee Meeting

Sector: Coal Mines

Location: Geneva, Switzerland

Event Details: The committee discussed the Country Profiles and the Action Plan and other activities and projects in 2005, and refined and finalized a communications strategy.The committee also began to identify concrete actions the Partnership can undertake to spur additional coal mine methane recovery and avenues for cooperation and support between the member countries and the Project Network.

Hosted by: The United Nations Economic Commission for Europe

Action Plan: Coal Mine Methane Subcommittee (2005) (PDF, 6 pp, 216K)
Meeting Minutes (PDF, 15 pp, 256K)

Coal Mine Methane Country Profiles
Australia (PDF, 17 pp, 698K)
China (PDF, 10 pp, 406K)
Colombia (PDF,5 pp, 210K)
India (PDF, 3 pp, 14K)
Italy (PDF, 8 pp, 245 K)
Japan (PDF, 9 pp, 184 K)
Mexico (PDF, 5 pp, 241K)
Russia (PDF, 4 pp, 168K)
United Kingdom (PDF, 11 pp, 113K)
Ukraine (PDF, 4 pp, 115K)
United States (PDF, 13 pp, 442K)